IPIC-Innovative Product Development & Incubation Centre


Innovative Product Development & Incubation Centre is being established to encourage the development of innovative products by facilitating the creation of ideas and inventions that benefit society , which are commercially ready by the end of incubation program and also providing startups and technical support to prospective entrepreneurs.

The Centre has two cells namely Innovation and Incubation centre (AVITiC) & Entrepreneurship Development cell.

Prof. L. Prabhu,Program Director
Dr. K. Boopathy, P/EEE Deputy Director
Prof. R. Praveen, Asst. Prof. G-II , Mech. Members
Prof. N.P. Gopinath, Asst. Prof. G-II ,EEE
Prof. Pa. Suriya, Asst. Prof. G-II , Civil
Dr. R. Karthiga Devi, Asst. Prof. , Biotech
Prof. S. Muthuselvan, Asst. Prof. G-II , CSE
Dr. D. Bubesh Kumar, Professor, Mech.
Prof. R. Karthikeyan, Asst. Prof. G-II,ECE
Dr. G. Latha, Assoc. Prof., H&S - Physics
Mr.V.Prapakaran, AP G-II /BME
Mr. C. Fedal Castro , Asst. Prof., Mechanical
Mr. N. Lakshminarayanan ASSOC.P/MECH Deputy Director
Dr. R. DeepaPriya, Asst. Prof. , Biotech Members
Mr. A. Subbiah, Asst. Prof. G-II , BME
Mr. S. Muthuselvan, Asst. Prof. G-II , CSE
Mr. S. Selvam, Asst. Prof. G-II , ECE
Mr. S. Prakash, Asst. Prof. G-II , EEE
Dr. D. Bubesh Kumar, Professor, Mech.
Mr. R. Johnson Daniel, Asst. Prof. , Civil
Dr. V. Victor Solomon, Head -Commerce
Dr. V. Sheela Mary, Head -MBA
Dr. B. K. Prabhu, Asso. Prof, B. Arch

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