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“Incubation Centre” of VMRF was established for nurturing and overseeing innovation and entrepreneurship. The aim is to encourage entrepreneurship among locals with the colleges serving as focal points. It is a platform for nurturing, encouraging and developing innovation and entrepreneurial skills among its students, research scholars and alumni, as well as students of the region. Entrepreneurship in India is on the verge of explosive growth. Angel investors, venture capital, media, start-up clubs, service providers, mentors and training companies are going to grow and have great focus from the government


Incubation Centre is a space for new age entrepreneurs and young minds to transform their innovative ideas into viable business propositions. Our primary vision is to facilitate a platform for a budding entrepreneur to start a business venture with minimum risks. Incubation will ensure that incubates have access to technological assistance which will be generated through mentors with multidisciplinary expertise. We encourage young enthusiasts with creative pursuits with an inherent zeal to be entrepreneurs to take advantage of this novel initiative.


The mission of Incubation Centre is to nurture and empower the next generation entrepreneurs to serve the local problems. The students, alumni, local industries and also students of the district can come up with their ideas which might lead to the startup.


  • To create jobs, wealth and business aligning with national priorities
  • To promote new technology/knowledge/innovation based startups.
  • To provide a platform for speedy commercialization of technologies developed by the host institution or by any academic/technical/R&D institution
  • To build a vibrant startup ecosystem, by establishing a network between academia, financial institution, industries and other institutions.
  • To provide cost effective, value added services to startups like mentoring, legal, technical, intellectual property related services.


  • Mentoring Support
  • Seed Grant Support
  • Pre-Incubation Facility Support (Idea to Prototype and Innovative Business Plan Development)
  • Incubation Facility Support (Innovative Business Model to Startup and Market Linkage & Growth Stage)
  • Investment - Angel and (or) Venture Capital Fund Support
  • Co-Working Space at Incubation Unit (Free/Rental Basis) - Free
  • Idea/Innovation Validation Consultation and Expert Services
  • Proof of Concept (PoC) Validation & Development Consultation and Expert Services
  • IP/Patent Filing Support – Expert Access and related Funding
  • Technology Transfer & Commercialization Support
  • Access to Expert/Mentor/Advisory Service Support for One to One Mentoring/Advisory
  • Facilitate Startup Registration & Regulatory Compliances and Use of Address for Registration
  • Training and Skill Development in the Area of Innovation, IPR and Startup
  • Market Research and Business/Enterprise Model Development
  • Facilitate/ Access to Legal and Account/Audit Support
  • Provide or Access to Avail Seed/Grant Fund Support/Access to Govt. Schemes Available at Centre
  • Access to Angel Investment Support/Linkage
  • Access to Venture Capital (VC) Fund Support/Linkage
  • Facilitate Networking and Provide Access to Collaboration and Business/Market Linkage
  • Referral and Linkage Support with other Incubators and Ecosystem Enablers
  • Access to Knowledge Resources (Paid and Non-Paid) e-Library and Library at Institute


  •  Start-up Ecosystem
  •  Government Initiatives for Entrepreneurs
  •  Entrepreneurship Week
  •  Opportunity Recognition and Evaluation
  •  Business Model Generation
  •  B-Plan Preparation
  •  Mentoring by Entrepreneurs
  •  Seed Funding
  •  Pitching Opportunities
  •  Networking with Experts

National Innovation Contest 2020 - List of Projects submitted

S.No. Title Theam Description Team Lead details Mail ID Contact details
1 Automated medical (glucose) dispenser and remote monitoring Healthcare & Biomedical devices. Negligence of nurses in changing glucose dispensers leads to many fatal victims. So, we propose the automated glucose dispenser. It consists of four glucose bottles in a rotating circular shaft. The glucose level is monitored by the sensor affixed near the throttle of the glucose dispenser and fitted with motors and valves for the automatic fixation from one bottle to another. The system generates alert along with the hospital room number to the LCD dashboard in hospital. Moreover, the staff in charge of the ward is also informed through mobile application. This ensures that always there are spare glucose bottle. Sunkrutha S 9952029217
2 Automated solar panel cleaner by using electrostatic and vaccum suction method Renewable and affordable Energy. Cleaners increases the lifetime of solar panels. Manual labour is time taking and poses risk of damage to panels.This proposal is aimed to design a panel cleaner without using water as it causes chemical strains and additional treating cost. For that we use electrostatic force of attraction and vacuum pressure suction. Bird droppings pose threat to panels in India. It is removed with the help of vacuum suction tube. which operates on low pressure negative suction. The controller is pre-programmed to clean in frequent intervals. The main aim is to perform cleaning without much power and water consumption Sunkrutha S 9952029217
3 AUTOMATED, COST EFFECTIVE SOLAR WATER PURIFIER USING IOT Clean & Potable water. This is IoT based solar water purifier without RO and UV filter. This purifier is portable and cost effective with full automatic system. This purifier works with the help of renewable energy and no requirement of fuel. This purifier is different from the rest of the water purifier as it is fully automated with the help of some sensors and arduino board. It also has ultrasonic water tank sensor that helps to fetch water from well or any other water resources automatically when the water level in the tank decreases. The filters in this purifier are based on natural purification. ALOK SHREE 7050007192
4 Defluoridation of water using coir pith activated carbon as adsorbent Clean & Potable water. The process in which excess fluorides are removed from drinking water to reduce the pervelance and severity of dental and skeletal fluorosis Akash M 6382066119
5 Design of a Ring Turbine Wind Power generator for efficient Power generation at Low Wind Speeds and with solar PV Renewable and affordable Energy. To develop wind energy based electrical power generator using a ring turbine with advanced aero-dynamic design of the turbine tunnel, light weight as well as mechanically strong turbine blades, state of art electrical machinery and converter. This technology even though researched extensively, commercialization and usage still needs to be addressed Ms. Sivaranjani S 9500351358
6 Film Farming - An alternative intensive agricutlure Agriculture & Rural Development. An alternative method of organic farming uses hydro membrane composed of water soluble polymer. Basil George 9526975632
7 Food processing Food Processing/Nutrition/Biotech A practice that reduce product loss to spoilage or shirnkage that occurs due to microbial risks. Tirtha Reang 8787718932
8 Gyroscopic concept based balancing wheel for indoor transit Smart Vehicles/ Electric vehicle/ Electric vehicle motor and battery technology. A self-balancing scooter (also hoverboard, self-balancing board, swegway) is a self-balancing personal transporter consisting of two motorized wheels connected to a pair of articulated pads on which the rider places their feet. The rider controls the speed by leaning forwards or backwards, and direction of travel by twisting the pads. Saravanan kumar M 9841323772
9 HERBAL HYDROGEL FOR WOUND CLOSURE Healthcare & Biomedical devices. Suture is a medical device used to hold body tissues together after an injury or surgery. generally it involves using a needle with an attached length of thread. In this project by using the hydrogel it helps to close the skin wound and the drug in the hydrogel will help to heal the wound faster Ms.Sandhiya 9384565205
10 IIOT integrated energy meter monitoring And controlling system IoT based technologies (e.g. Security & Surveillance systems etc) The proposed architecture utilizes Internet of Things for collecting the power consumption of an industry. The DCS is linked to the IIoT which is cloud interfaced and remotely accessed. The smart meter reading is used as operating input of Arduino controller linked with internet through LoRaWAN. The main idea behind this project is to collaborate with all mechanical, electrical and electronic devices. The smart metering is also enabled/disabled from mobile application and manual approach also. The contactor is made to decrease the power supply input from the energy meter.The system can also be monitored and controlled using SCADA screen. Ranjith R 9514619276
11 Load carrying Electric drive Three wheeler cycle Smart Vehicles/ Electric vehicle/ Electric vehicle motor and battery technology. The electric power is being used for load carrying, Mainly used for load transportation both in domestic and Industrial application. Arun Vishnu 9446213823
12 Manufacturing of eco friendly clay bricks by bottom ash geopolymerization Waste Management/Waste to Wealth Creation Manufacturing of clay bricks with industrial waste by adding admixtures. The mixture is then geopolymerized. The physical properties are better when compared to traditional bricks. vani.k 9434268804
13 Mobile Reverse osmosis based water purification system using solar PV source for rural India Clean & Potable water. The objective of this work is to design and fabricate a mobile reverse osmosis based water treatment plant to provide clean drinking water from open sources of water. This work uses solar PV technology to generate the power required for the operation of the plant from the sun. The novelty in this method lies in fact, a newer type of RO membrane using nano-material for water purification. with newly designed converters for efficient power production. This product is portable with wheels so that it can be moved to the location where raw/unclean water is available and can be operated. Sharook Khan 9360182847
14 Petra Healthcare & Biomedical devices. It is stated that more than handful of our population are disabled. Their disability forces them to stay away from the society because of the difference that is established and do not let them to be part of the day to day activities.. Our innovations help them to make their life easier and to do their daily activity as usual like the normal peoples. The three different features provided in the wheel chair makes them more comfortable to live their lives easily. The three different modes are Joystick control, Mobile app control and Voice Control. Ranjith R 9514619276
15 Portable Internal Combustion Engine operated chain drive sapling pit auger Agriculture & Rural Development. As manual sapling pit digging consumes more man power and time, this equipment will eradicate the problems of the same. This project deals with an innovative concept to synchronize the power of a 125cc or 150cc IC engine to an auger for making pit for sapling planting. So far there is no conversion of power has been done to auger through chain drive from an IC engine. The power conversion has been done either through shaft drive system or hydraulic power drive system. Hence cost of both the above said system is very high. Sam Jebaz 7358670011
16 Removal of microplastic from drinking water Clean & Potable water. The micro plastics are removed from drinking water through advanced water treatment methods. Vignesh kumar K 9789742152
17 Seed balls production equipment Agriculture & Rural Development. The main objective of this project is to design, fabricate and installation of seed balls manufacturing equipment for the production of seed balls at larger quantities and in lesser time. The design involves a lesser space for the operation and can be operated by even an unskilled person. In this design, no electricity is required for the production and everything is manually operated. Nishanth Raj. K 6374253668
18 SOLAR POWER BASED SANITARY NAPKIN DISPOSAL FOR RURAL AREAS Healthcare & Biomedical devices. In this product, the sanitary napkin incinerator will be operated with active solar energy. Solar(photo voltaic) panels will convert light energy into electrical energy that is used to burn the napkins Ms.Farhana Ansoor 7812830074
19 TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED MEDICAL BOX FOR HUMAN ORGAN TRANSIT & MONITORING Healthcare & Biomedical devices. “TECHNOLOGY ENHANCED MEDICAL BOX FOR HUMAN ORGAN TRANSIT & MONITORING” with full integrated technology for effective organ monitoring during transportation and also to ensure that the organ is safe and sterile while transit. Mr.Kunal Kaushik Panda 7381111203
20 Two wheeler assistance and alert system Smart Vehicles/ Electric vehicle/ Electric vehicle motor and battery technology. This project is about monitoring a fuel operated vehicle by using sensors which are placed to monitor a vehicle's major malfunction such as airfilters,fuelinjectors,wiring kit, wheel management etc when the sensors detect any malfunction, it will be intimated to the user through the dashboard console on board the vehicle this information stands useful for the user to monitor and stay aware of the condition of the vehicle and helps provide basic information on the problem when the vehicle arrives for service or repairs .thus only the malfuncting components need to be replaced leaving the other components untouched. Jaswantharagesh P 7358468251
21 Utilization of E-waste as fine aggregate in flexible pavements Waste Management/Waste to Wealth Creation To study the behaviour of rigid pavements with replacement of E-waste Raghwendra Pratap 9835244141

V2 BUDDY- Engineering Students develop V2 BUDDY - The Nursing Robot at Vinayaka Mission

  1. Robot to minimize Nursing interference in COVID-19 treatment
  2. Developed at Ganesan Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center at AV Campus, Vinayaka Missions Research Foundation

20th April 2020, Salem: There is a growing concern over the spread of the novel coronavirus among medical professionals and frontline healthcare workers. To address this issue a group of Electrical Engineering students and faculty from AVIT (Aarupaadai Veedu Institute of Technology) Chennai, Vinayaka Mission’s Research Foundation, Deemed to be University along with duo entrepreneurs Mr Premnath and Mr Subramanian have developed a robot called “V2 Buddy” at the “Ganesan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre”. This helps to reduce contact between frontline healthcare nursing staff and Covid-19 patients.

“V2 Buddy” was today demonstrated at Vinayaka Mission’s Super Speciality Hospital “VIMS” at Salem and deployed in Vinayaka Missions Medical Colleges at Salem, Puducherry and Karaikkal.

“V2 Buddy – the Nursing Robot” can replace nursing interface by checking COVID-19 patient’s temperature, dispense sanitizing hand rub, deliver medicines and food, assist the nursing staff to interact with COVID 19 patients remotely through video and audio interface from their nursing stations. This helps to minimize the nursing staff exposure to infection.

V2 Buddy can be controlled from the nursing station remotely through an app downloaded on a smartphone. Another feature is Voice enabled “Nursing Call facility” through “V2 Buddy Call” where the patient in the isolation ward can speak to the staff in the nursing station for their specific needs, clinical support and counselling.

Mr Premnath, one of the developers said, “V2 Buddy” was created after considering the inputs given by the medical and nursing teams of VIMS, Salem, the Super Speciality Hospital unit of Vinayaka Missions Group. They provided guidance on the day-to-day operations and activities of nursing staff in an isolation ward which was attempted through this robot.”

Mr Subramanian, the co-creator explained, that the new-age gizmo “V2 Buddy” will be operated using Bluetooth technology and remote sensors from a control console which will be in the hands of the nurse, who will be able to talk to the patient directly.

“The Ganesan Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (GIEC) at VMRF provided us an ideal platform to build this robot with access to resources, technical support, working space and financial aid” said, Prof. Dr.L.Chitra, HOD Electrical and Electronics department , member of steering committee for GIEC, AVIT Chennai and guide for nursing Robot project.

Dr. Meenakshi Sundaram, Medical Director, of Vinayaka Institute of Medical Sciences(VIMS) said “V2 Buddy” is akin to a remote bomb disposal device as it helps us achieve minimal contact from confirmed COVID-19 patients and still providing adequate care to them. We are glad that we have “V2 Buddy” which is the “real need of the hour.”

Dr. A.S.Ganesan, Chancellor, Vinayaka Missions Research Foundation said “The vision of the GIEC’s Business Incubator is to identify and support potential entrepreneurs and students in developing the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).This helps our young talents in India to fulfil their dreams as entrepreneurs and also support indigenization of products in line with “Make In India” vision of Government of India.

VMRF is planning to donate two “V2 Buddy” nursing robots to Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, Chennai and Indira Gandhi Government Hospital, Puducherry. The production and capacity of ‘V2 Buddy’ will be scaled up according the demand in the market.

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