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BE Bio Medical Engineering


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S.No Title of the Project Funding Agency FUNDED AMOUNT(in Lakhs) Year Status Principal Investigator
1 ArtificialIntelligence Based Seeding Robot for Agriculture DST 53,000,00 March - 2019 Applied Dr.M.Ravindiran
2 Disease Identification in Tomato farm using Artificial Intelligence DST 28,000,00 March - 2019 Applied Mr.A.Subbiah,Mrs.R.Indhumathi
3 Cost Effective Hybrid Solar Powered Sugarcane Harvester DST 58,520,00 March - 2019 Applied Mr.R.Sureshkumar
4 Synthesis & Characteristics of Metal Nanoparticle decorated ZnO Nanorodsfor Nano bio-sensors in derection of different diseases using bio analytes ICMR,NewDelhi 93 Lakhs Feb,2019 Pre-proposal Accepted Dr.M.Ravindiran
5 Robot Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery for precise tumor removal BIRAC, Grand Challenge Explorations 50 Lakhs Feb-19 Applied Dr.M.Ravindiran
6 Smart Fabric for extreme weather conditions DRDO-Dare to Dream 01 Crore 36 Lakhs Feb-19 Applied Dr.M.Ravindiran
7 Stress Level detection using EEG signals DRDO-Dare to Dream 25 Lakhs Feb-19 Applied Dr.M.Ravindiran
8 Early Detection of Parkinson Disease TNCST 5 Lakhs Feb, 2019 Applied Dr.M.Ravindiran
9 AI Based Lung Histopathology Image Analysis TNCST 4.7Lakhs Feb, 2019 Applied R.Indumathi
10 Garbage Waste Management System Using Load Cell Technology TNCST 4.3 Lakhs Feb, 2019 Applied Mr.R.Sureshkumar

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Online Scloarship Test