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Ways to get involved in campus

Ways to get involved in campus

  • Apr2019
    5 Things you must know Before Choosing Your College

    Students go to college to learn new things and prepare themselves for the corporate world ahead. At the same time, it is also required that they get involved in community campus. Here is a list of top six ways that will help you in socializing in college and expanding your network:

    Join a students’ club

    Every university has numerous activity clubs which are being run by students. You can join one which is aligned with your interest or start an activity-based group on your own. These clubs organize meeting, weekly or monthly which you must attend. Although when you join college, you might feel slightly hesitant in mingling with the new crowd, it is all right to take your time and once you feel comfortable, go out and socialize.

    Become a part of the University Newspaper

    Among the most-valued skills in college years is the art of writing. Whether you want to opt writing as a career or not, it is surely going to help you stay ahead of others. Thus, join the college publishing house or the newspaper team to be able to hone and advance skills such as writing, proofreading, photography, interviewing and many others.

    Get involved in sports

    Even if you are a not a national-level sportsman but have an interest in playing sports, you should go and be a part of the sports community in college. This is good for building connections and for getting some good physical exercise.

    Work part-time

    Everyone likes it if they earn get some extra money to pay off their tuition fees. On-campus jobs are a great way to gain experience, add the part-time gig to your resume and earn some extra amount. As the colleges expect their own students to apply for the on-campus job positions, these are way more flexible in nature than the full-time job roles.

    Become a teaching assistant

    If you are good at one subject or more, say, mathematics or Chemistry, think about sharing your knowledge with others by working university tuition centers. Being a volunteer tutor will give you a chance to meet new people as well enhance your knowledge further. Another thing that you can do is to work with a professor as a teaching assistant which will enable you to strengthen your rapport with your professor.

    Attend campus events

    Many colleges ensure to organize a wide array for activities and events for its students, such as lectures, industry visits, educational tours, music events, dance and theatre performances, movie screenings which are mostly free for students. Make sure you attend these events and mingle with other attendees.

    Participation in extracurricular activities and campus events and by becoming a part of student organization is an excellent way to get acquainted with the people around you in college and build a strong professional network. This also ensures that you have ample fun in college and create some unforgettable memories along the way. Truly, college is not just about attending lectures and earning a degree. Your college years is also the time when you can have the time of your life by being proactive in co-curricular activities which also add significant value to your resume.

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