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Do you Journal ?

  • Mar2022
    Perks of being a student

    Dear Diary, welcome back

    I am sure you felt left out when people ditched you and got hooked to the internet. It is time for you to raise from your slumber and begin a new journey with a new name – journaling.

    As you are already accustomed to knowing people’s innermost secrets and sometimes their boring everyday routine, it is time to transform into a self-expression tool where people brainstorm their ideas and learn something new.

    With every makeover, a new look is a mandate and that’s why you no longer need to be a bulky set of papers bound into a thick note representing every day of the year. Instead, you can get a sleek look, as people have started logging their thought processes using digital gadgets like tabs, i-pads, mobile phones and laptops.

    When you were a diary, people ended their day by writing on you just before going to sleep. But now, as a journal, you will be embraced in the morning too as a freshly awakened mind has a fresh set of ideas to interpolate. In fact, different people get ideas at different times of the day and use effective journaling for different activities like aiding in planning the day, expressing thoughts and beliefs, creating new ideas for some upcoming project, planning the week’s meal, as a self-discovery tool for personal growth, stress management tool to improve mental health, charting out a study plan, venting out unexpressed feelings and sometimes improving handwriting and aimless doodling too.

    Now that I have given you the confidence required to settle in your new role, as a final touch let me categorise your wardrobe with different new looks. You can be a meta cognitive journal and help people understand how their emotions and environment affect their learning and performance, a bullet journal where people can keep track of their tasks and stay organised, a self-reflection journal that helps people understand their personal and emotional growth, a creativity journal to help people expand their areas of creative interests and explore new thoughts and ideas, an idea journal to brain dump everything and finally a gratitude journal to help people feel thankful for life during their rough phases.

    Now that you are fully geared up to face the new generation crowd, happy journey and happy journaling!

    Ms. Neha Rathnaraj,
    AVIT Student
    Vinayaka Missions Research Foundation

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