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What Can You Do with an Engineering Degree?

  • Dec2019
    What Can You Do with an Engineering Degree?

    Engineering is a field with specialization subjects in a particular program like - computer, mechanical, civil, electrical, biomedical engineering. Students with excellent problem-solving skills, sharp thinking, and who are more into technical things are the ones who are fit for pursuing the engineering degree.
    When you are here to choose a career in a particular field in engineering, then you need to understand your interests & needs first. The students who are looking to begin their careers in engineering will be approachable to find out that an engineering graduate is much more in demand with a chance of earning an impressive salary.

    Read the below career options, which will help you to find the best suitable opportunity.


    Mechanical engineering is one of the renowned field which majorly focuses on design, implementation, production, and use of machines. Here, the student will get to study the basic knowledge of how the tools are used, part of machines, and it's working. A student selecting this specialization will gain knowledge about aircraft, automobiles, designing, electric motors, and many other types of machinery and vehicle parts.
    Scope: From automobile engines to the electric part, everything is designed and implemented by a mechanical engineer. The scope for them in India & abroad is enormous for every perspective of our daily life and is connected to mechanical engineering in many ways. Hence, career opportunities in this field are tremendous.


    Computer engineers are the unit that binds computer science and electrical engineering together for further advancement in inventing new technologies, networks, and systems. In this field, you need to use your knowledge in designing, implementing, and producing new software designs, hardware using programming languages with suitable platforms and applications for more effective and efficient results. All the latest inventions related to digital gadgets, applications, Software, and networking systems are being designed and developed by a computer engineer.
    Scope: With the high demand and advancement in technologies related to new software & hardware, it is understood by all that there is a great demand for these graduates after completion of their course. And the salary packages provided as a beginner is vast more than any other fields.


    As a civil engineer, you can get your career in construction industries, management, business, and financial sectors. These engineers are involved in the construction, design, & management of the plan discussed for the building of the structure. In this field, you get an opportunity to explore your creative side and innovate new ideas with proper analyzing of technologies and data.
    A civil engineer should have excellent knowledge of designing and construction methods. Civil engineering careers in consultancy are possible to be concerned in the design plane of a project, helping with architects and other specialists.
    Scope: As a civil engineer, you will have numerous flourishing job opportunities in both the private and public sectors. There are also job avenues like defense forces, railways, municipal corporations, and other government sectors too. Specialization like geotechnical, construction, transportation engineering are also fields where you can flourish your career as a civil engineer. Every graduate aims to get a high paid job, and this can be achieved with vast experience.


    Electrical and electronics fields can fit into many departments as the sectors you work in span from communication to construction, media to healthcare and many more. These engineers focus on designing, developing, and maintaining the electrical control components and systems with an understanding of technical terms. As an electrical engineer, you should have the commercial awareness and be able to manage your tasks and projects simultaneously.
    Scope: A well-qualified electrical engineer is always in demand as industries and organizations use electrical and electronic machines. For this field, there are private as well as public sector jobs.


    There are many technical writers required in every industry to right description or steps to explain how their product and service work. All the knowledge you have picked up during your engineering degree will be beneficial for you in this role. Technical writers work for a developed compound of trades, from finance to nuclear energy.
    As an expert writer, you should be ready for the writer for any audience, client, or product. Here, you also get a chance to get rid of 9 to 6 job timing in an office and go for options like work from home, part-time job, or work as a freelancer.
    Scope: As there are many digital companies and agencies in market, they are into advertising their product and services to the customers and want to make the customers believe that their product/service is the best. And here is where a technical writer or a copywriter is required.

    Your takeaway

    Once you are an engineer, you can work anywhere in the world. With the package of the knowledge and skills you are free to work in whatever field you like.
    And if you are willing to pursue your engineering degree from a well-known institute then Aarupadai Veedu Institute of Technology (AVIT), Chennai is the right choice. The institution regularly conducts technical activities like seminars, industrial visits, training program through the technical associations of the various departments. It has tie-ups with all tops industries which results in 100% placement assistance.

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