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Career Opportunities After Civil Engineering

  • Dec2019
    Career opportunities after civil engineering

    If you are the one with keen interest in construction, design and field-building, site work, then Civil Engineering is the best career option for you. Civil engineers are the one whose mind focuses on the construction of magnificent buildings, and fantastic society and ambiances for the people to live. In addition to this, they also look for construction of roads, towers, bridges, highway, provide amenities in society. Hence, we can guess that the demand for civil engineers is going to reach the peak of concern for the growing population. But as a student, certain questions might pop-up in your like – Did I choose the right career path? Will I be able to get good opportunities after my degree completion? What should I start with? If the above questions are of your concern, then you are on the right page. Here are some great career opportunities you can choose from.

    1. CAD Engineer

    A CAD engineer uses CAD software for creating technical plans, designs, drawings for any product, parts used in construction, manufacturing, production, or engineering field. As a CAD engineer, you will get an opportunity to work with the design field engineers and architects to understand the requirements of their first drawing and convert them into technical designs in 2D or 3D format.

    2. Government Engineering Jobs

    You can start preparing yourself for UPSC or IES (Indian Engineering Services) to begin your career in government departments. PWD - State Public Work Department and many other engineering areas have regular hiring for civil engineering graduates. You can also apply there as it is not that difficult to crack bank job with your continuous dedication.

    3. Own Construction Business

    In this developing world, civil engineering is a field that will always be popular and in need. Being a civil engineer, you get a chance to establish new things, come up with new ideas related to construction, development, and design. And if you have that capability, then you can start your own construction business.

    4. Architects:

    With your visualization and imagination power, you can also start your career as an architect. You will get to design and plan houses, shops, offices and other construction sites to make them look more attractive and spacious. And as we all know that everyone is here in the competition of being the best in their field, hence an architect is necessary to fulfill their ideas.

    5. Structural Engineer:

    Being a Structural engineer, you are responsible for analyzing all types of stress and strain that a structure needs to undergo during the construction process. The focus is on the identification of the overall strength of the structure and implementing the plan accordingly.

    Your Take away

    As everything in India is on the way to update itself and be the best in terms of infrastructure, interior, and space, there is a huge demand for civil engineers. Hence, this results in a lot of opportunities for you as a civil engineer. And if you are looking for a well-recognized institute to pursue your civil engineering degree then AVIT - Aarupadai Veedu Institute of Technology, Chennai is the best option to go with. At AVIT, you will learn about the field work and get theoretical knowledge simultaneously. To know more, visit our site -

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