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Why you should be a responsible citizen?

  • Sep 2019
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    Are you a responsible citizen? or Have you ever wondered what a responsible citizen is? To be a good & responsible citizen, you should first know what your responsibilities are. First start with yourself and then the community. Now you must be thinking what does that mean. Primarily you need to get a proper education which will result in the best contribution to your surroundings. Once you are educated, you will ultimately get a good job and that will help you contribute more to the community.

    A good citizen is the one who helps others and is always keen to learn from his faults. Sometimes, it happens that we do something unintentionally and unaware about but it aids our well-being and our country. Hence, to help you understand below are the most common social responsibilities associated with every citizen.

    Respect your Nation:

    We all know that there are many things in which our country is still developing or still has to develop. But that doesn’t mean that we can talk anything bad about our own country. Our country is like our family. If we obey and respect our family in every circumstance, then we should also do the same for our country. As our country provides us from food to eating whatever you feel like, disrespecting it will be more shame for us.

    No plastic:

    Plastics are non-biodegradable and it takes more than 1000 million years to be decomposed. It has been a big problem already for using plastic until now. But to come over certain problems like bad crops harmful oceans, rivers and lakes, water logging during rain we should not make use of plastics.

    Become more Helpful:

    Seeing someone in trouble and ignoring it is not a good sign as a person and also a citizen. We never know when the time may come on you and you need someone's help but no one is there to help. Keeping this in mind, it is always good to help others. It always keeps you motivated and you also become a hero for that person and the public.

    Follow The Rules & Regulations:

    To live peacefully, rules are made. It there was no rule then it would have been difficult for everyone living here. Be it for n cutting down the trees, breaking traffic rule or keeping the environment clean. All these rules should be followed so that when we cross a road, we should feel proud of living there and not feel ashamed.

    Vote Wisely:

    Choosing your government is every youth right. Always take advantage of this opportunity and vote for the government how is capable to handle and develop the areas in which we are lacking.

    Citizens should educate themselves regarding the source of the information they receive and make decisions accordingly. This will be helpful for everyone to live peacefully and without facing any issue or problem. Understanding these pointers will make you think why it is really necessary to be a responsible citizen and will move on the right path for here on.

    To Protect Your Country, we should work together!

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