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Ways to Practice Self-Care in College

  • Oct 2019
    Ways to Practice Self-Care in College

    College is always remembered as some of the best years of everyone’s life but, with the best comes worst too. In college, students enjoy night out parties, study late night or hang out with friends to balance their academic, social and personal life. But this may result in a stressful life.

    You may go through mental problems or health issues because of this. So to avoid such kind of situations on self, you need to understand the ways to practice self-care in college and follow them to avoid hard times.

    Make a Supportive Friend Circle:

    We live in a society where the emphasis is always placed on romantic relationships. But you need to understand that being with good friends means feeling happy & enjoying everything. This indirectly is helpful for you to keep you mentally strong, happy and calm.


    We never think about meditation, exercise and studying altogether, but it is worth stating that they are all interconnected. With regular exercise & meditation practice, students will see changes in their body from energy to improving your academic performance. These things if done on regular basis can keep you mentally, emotionally and physically fit.

    Follow your Hobbies/Passion

    You will never have extra time to just start investing time in playing your guitar or start inventing new things. But this becomes easier for you if you already know your interests and hobbies. Hence, take time and try spending time on such things. These things will help you grow your skills and increase your patience, confidence and focusing level.

    4. Ask Questions

    When you are curious, do not understand anything, or you observe something, then it is always better to clear to out after the lecture or maybe in between when the teacher asks for doubts. Asking questions is beneficial to the class as there is a possibility that if you have a question, there are other students who have the same problem but fear to ask or wait till someone asks.

    Cultivate Good Eating Habits:

    College students have a very poor habit of eating when it comes to having your daily meals. Students prefer eating in canteens, mess or eating any junk food daily. This leads to health issues or overweighting problems. To avoid such circumstances, it is always advised to cultivate good eating habits.

    Set A Routine:

    Plan things! Make a time-table according to your daily routine and follow it. Starting from early morning to going back to bed. Note everything and arrange them accordingly. This will help you in being active, smart, on time and fresh.

    Don't Avoid Sleep:

    Sleep lets you relax, say goodbye to your tiredness and forget about the pressure or burden on your head. So avoiding sleep may not really help. If you don’t get enough sleep then you can risk your body to become week, less energetic and enthusiastic in life. So going to sleep on time will keep you strong and fresh for the next day.

    Plan and Execute Trips:

    Between exams, assignments and projects there is also a part of you who needs a break from all. These breaks can be a plan and going somewhere on a short trip. This helps in keeping you interested in everything and feel relaxed, fresh and better in a way to find something different from your daily routine.

    Your Takeaway

    So from today itself, try to follow at least some tips to improve your self-care and enjoy your college life to the core. Be Happy, Energetic and Motivated!

    Take a Pause & Care about Yourself first!

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