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Top 5 educational technologyTrends

  • June2019
    Top 5 educational technology trends

    If we look back at the time when chalkboards were among the most crucial elements of classroom education to the present-day era in which education has undergone a digital transformation. As we sail through 2019, more educational trends are going to revolutionize teaching approaches and learning experience of students. The idea behind the introduction of these trends is to ensure that learning is made accessible to a large section of the population and give learners the right opportunities and training to overcome the 21st-century challenges. Here are the top picks for educational technology trends:

    Personalized Learning

    Every student is different and hence, some require individual attention because they are not comfortable with the concept of textbook learning or attending lectures. As the methodology of classroom teaching is making way for the new way of streaming lectures online, students are also having an enhanced learning experience. The innovative approach of personalized learning ensures that the needs of every student are taken care of.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    The role of AI in education has been immensely vast in terms of speech-recognition, planning and problem-solving. AI has also resulted in taking the next step in the automation process in the education sector. Whether it is filling up of forms or evaluation of examination papers and assessing them on a grading system has significantly improved along with the process of crafting an industry-oriented curriculum.

    Digital Content

    With the internet and smartphones becoming a crucial part of our lives even students have become accustomed to studying their course material on digital platforms. E-books and other digital formats have become the choice of reading material for students. Additionally, online courses have also made education more accessible to the most remote areas of the country such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Additionally, online courses are more affordable.

    Internet of Things

    The education domain has switched to more engaging classroom sessions with an enhanced learning experience for students because of IoT. Another great advantage of IoT is for the teachers who can employ different methodologies to impart education in a manner that makes the sessions engaging enough for students.

    Virtual Reality

    With the introduction of virtual and augmented reality in classrooms, learning has reached an altogether different level where the main emphasis is on learning by doing. Through experiential learning, students can understand the concepts in a better way. For example, medical students can easily observe a surgical process though VR where they learn more by observing the detailed phenomenon.
    With ed-tech coming to the country, the Indian education system has undergone noteworthy changes in recent years. Several organizations have come up with innovative strategies to adopt technology in education to increase the growth exponentially. Although the adoption of technology in education is slightly on the lower end, however, efforts such as virtual reality, the introduction of artificial intelligence in teaching, online education and others are picking up speed. The trends mentioned are going to pave way for more advancements which will be globally acceptable in different types of schools.

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