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Tips for New Engineering Students

  • Oct 2019
    Tips for new engineering Students

    Getting your engineering degree is a ticket to satisfying careers and an excellent paycheck. It is an exciting time in everyone's life, which denotes a new start. You are facing a wealth of knowledge, meeting countless new people, and paving the way for your future.

    But before you enter the field as a professional engineer, some grave studying, a few late nights, and a few tips to get you through your first year in order.

    1. Prepare your notes

    Preparing your notes doesn't mean noting each and everything down like a field reporter. Instead, be smart enough and jot down the highlights of the lectures, seminars, or sessions. Keep it in short phrases, and abbreviations to save time.

    2. Start asking questions

    An engineering student should ask questions to define the problem to be solved and to evoke ideas that lead to the terms for its solution. Your professors want you to learn. Ask for additional examples to clarify your difficulties, equations, and concepts. This method will help you in understanding the concepts, and your professor will appreciate your interest in the subject.

    3. Build your portfolio

    Take the lead, participate in exciting projects, attend seminars, learn some ongoing certification sessions. Companies look for academics and relevant skills, knowledge experience, and a well-organized portfolio that will help you in the future during your job search.

    4. Plan for a better Semester Break

    Seek out internship opportunities actively to add a point in your portfolio. It will help you in understanding the corporate world and cope up accordingly. As a graduating student, if you keen to show the dedication & work experience that you have served during your semester break; will change other’s perspective towards you.

    5. Learn from your downfalls & failure

    In companies, there are different lead positions like a manager, team lead, etc. So if you learn about the leading qualities, then you will feel comfortable in both leading or following the directions of others. Set your leadership skills and learn how to lead a group decision effectively.

    6. Increase your network

    Attend extracurricular activities, workshops, lectures, or any events where you get to explore your ideas, learn new things, know more people. Take a genuine interest in the work of others, ask questions & don't be afraid to seek advice or guidance from the source.

    7. Help your friends with studies

    One of the most powerful ways of assuring you understand something is by describing it to someone else. Don’t move to the next subject or topic until you’ve mastered it. And helping your friends understand the same will help you in developing more confidence in you.

    8. Identify your inspiration

    True inspiration is not the set of inspiration, but the purpose of it. Give a thought to what made you choose engineering? Who do you look at yourself years after in this field? Learn about how individuals and companies have pursued and found success and replicate their behaviors.

    Your take away

    There are technical skills, interpersonal skills, language skills, communication skills, and many other skills. When you are a student, focus on learning high-quality skills. Because someone with excellent skills and knowledge is what companies are looking for.

    Good Luck, Folks! Happy Engineering!

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