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The 4 key traits of Leadership

  • June2019
    The 4 key traits of Leadership

    The definition of leadership differs from one person to another based on their perspective. Despite the fact of how you define a leader, with his or her abilities, a leader can truly distinguish between success and failure. A good leader envisions the future and knows how to create success stories to take the business to a higher level and achieve organizational goals at a faster pace. The top 4 key traits of leadership are being listed below:

    Integrity and authenticity

    The unquestionable integrity is among the most-valued trait of leadership. Being a leader, you should be authentic in your ways to use your strengths to the best of your advantage. While some may be born with leadership qualities, others must introspect and study to become more efficient. Develop an understanding of the areas you need to work upon to transform your weaknesses into your strengths and become a stronger leader. To be able to stay ahead in this ever-evolving competitive world, a leader should be innovative and creative in his or area of work. Out-of-the-box ideas make one’s work stand out from the crowd.

    Be with people who inspire you

    You will be part of the recruitment process as a manager. While leaders usually hire people who they can visualize to have the same approach towards goals as them, but the correct strategy is to hire people who are better than you or the ones who will be a complement to the team’s strengths and weaknesses.


    Every leader makes decisions. As a manager, one of their primary roles is to pick the right choice beneficial for the team as well as the organization. The ability to make good decisions is something which defines a true leader from the rest because he or she demonstrates strong decision-making skills keeping the interest of the organization. A good leader must also be highly organized and forward-thinking to be able to provide constructive feedback to the team members.

    Value your team

    Make sure you listen to your team to build a rapport with them. This will also give you the opportunity to leverage their strengths towards achieving the team’s goals. Through continuous interaction, your team members will trust you as a leader when they know that their opinions are being heard and respected. This serves as a motivation factor for them to put in their best efforts, take more risks and invest more time for the team’s goals. You must also have empathy for your team because leaders who opt for the dictatorial approach and not understand the problems of their team are not effective leaders.
    Among the most notable descriptions of leadership as trailblazers, focused, ambitious, trustworthy, to list a few, however, every leader has his or her own personality. To become a good leader, one must inculcate the above traits to set a good example for the team. Good communication skills, openness, futuristic vision, passion, empathy honesty are some of the other traits that a leader must have to be an abled-leader.

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