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The 10 Best Engineering Blogs You Must Read

The 10 Best Engineering Blogs You Must Read

  • The 10 Best Engineering Blogs You Must Read

    Staying up-to-date with the recent affairs in the world of engineering and technology, following engineering blogs regularly is a fantastic way. Blogs which are industry-specific also serve as a brilliant platform for students to exchange ideas, develop new connections and learn about the latest industry trends. Here is a list of the top 10 best engineering blogs that students must closely follow:

    Manufacturing Innovation Blog

    This blog is managed by the Manufacturing Extension Partnership and it talks about topics such as advanced manufacturing, sustainability, finance, the workforce and other relevant topics for engineering students. This blog also provides significant information about the best practices followed in the industry.

    Process Industry Forum Blog

    This blog serves as a connecting platform for individuals working in the manufacturing, technical and design industry verticals. One can find abundant information on this blog about solutions, products, career, management advice, data sheets, white papers, suppliers and events.

    Engineering Ethics Blog

    This blog is being managed by an engineering professor, Karl Stephen, at Texas State University and publishes opinions about various trending engineering-related topics. One can check out his insights on a variety of subjects such as any mishap that involve certain technical matters or any philosophical or religious point of view that engineers often come across in their field of work.


    The blog which is updated by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) regularly features news stories that highlight advancements, trends and new industry regulations.

    Australia Wide Personnel

    The blog which is being run by an Australian recruiting agency features regular industry-specific updates on a wide array of topics such as training, employment opportunities, salaries in the field of engineering. This is extremely helpful for those who are planning for a job hunt upon the completion of their course.

    Wit and Wisdom of an Engineer

    You will come across all sorts of innovations in the industry and the best part is you can extract information from this blog in a variety of mediums such as statistics, infographics, engaging content, sports, drones, politics, that would interest engineers.

    LinkedIn Engineering Blog

    Being one of the best networking platforms for professionals, LinkedIn offers a plethora of resources for engineers such as information about the technologies they use and also, provide insights on what keeps people at LinkedIn motivated in your job roles.

    Civil Engineer Portal

    If you want to keep a track of the latest happenings in the world of civil engineering, this blog is something that you should religiously follow. You will also come across informative articles on this blog about the construction industry, real estate, project management, and gardening.

    Management Today

    This magazine published in Australia is an ideal pick for engineering firm directors and project managers. Some of the articles that one would come across on this blog are innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, technology and lifestyle.

    Manufacturing Outlook

    If you are interested in economics and manufacturing, this blog will provide you articles from multiple bloggers who are experts in providing economic outlooks for different sectors of engineering.

    We are surrounded by technology on all the fronts and we must ensure that we are aware of the latest trends and the rate at which technology is evolving. The enlisted best technology blogs which are regularly updated provide quality content to the readers about the field of engineering and technology.

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