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Perks of being a student

  • Apr2019
    Perks of being a student

    When you are under exam stress and the continuous pressure of submitting assignments before deadlines, college might not appear to be rosy picture you had imagined before joining. However, if you look at the other side of being a student, there are numerous advantages available which you can avail only during your time at college. The perks of being a student might vary from one college to another for which you need to get some information from your seniors. Some of the perks have been listed below:

    Student Discounts

    Most of the markets and stores offer commodities at a cheaper rate for students. Even restaurant meals, clothing, entertainment are available at discounted price for students. The only mandate is to carry their students ID card at the time of billing. The businesses flourishing around your college campus will have promising discounts for students, all you need to do is check your college website for the complete list of discounts available in the area.

    Speak to an academic advisor

    Each semester ensure that you speak to an academic advisor who can help you save a whopping amount of money through proper guidance. Planning out the right course might not be as easy as it sounds. Hence, talk to your advisor and chalk out a plan for the program that you would truly benefit from. Your advisor will also enable you to plan your classes by designing a time-table that will ensure that you opt for courses that will benefit you immensely.

    Financial aid

    Keep on visiting your financial aid department on a regular basis so that you stay updated about any newly introduced scholarships. If you have opted for student loan to fund your college education, this department will enable you to understand how to pay back your loans better.

    Get free entertainment

    In and around your college, you will have abundant options of entertainment around the campus. So, if you are looking for cheap and free entertainment, look around for possibilities by keeping a track of the college calendar or follow the social media channels to stay updated about any upcoming events. Free movie screenings, gallery exhibitions, cultural programs and may other components make your college experience a memorable one.

    Avail career services

    Whether you are looking for a part-time job or an internship, career services department at the college might help you connect with the write network of experts and can also provide you an idea about the on-campus job roles available. They will also guide and prepare you for interviews through mock drills and writing resumes.

    While the stress in college might make you think otherwise but it is important to take some time and ponder over the positive side of being a student such as discounts and numerous other opportunities. Being considered as one of the best times of your lives, when you are neither a kid nor an adult, you can make the best of these precious years with endless discounts and opportunities that set you apart with a wide array of new experiences.

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