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Importance of College Festsfor A Student

  • Aug 2019

    Gone is the time when college life was strictly about academics and learning with no fun. Now it is all about striking the right balance between academics and co-curricular activities, thus, every college ensures to follow the changing trend and organize cultural activities and events with emphasis on both equally. Therefore, in the new era, every college provides platforms to its students to showcase their talent through fests which play an incredible role in the overall development. From getting in touch with the marketing department of media houses to ensure the systematic arrangements for the event, these are the main reasons why college fests are important:

    Improved social interaction

    College fests open numerous opportunities for students to interact with their peers and establish a new network. Organizing event for the college fest requires students to be part of a larger group for proper planning and execution. Thus, this leads to communication with students from different cultural backgrounds.

    Advance technical skills

    Participation in technical fest should be compulsory through which students get a platform to work on their innovative ideas and compete against their classmates. This brings out a splendid array of project ideas as a result of brainstorming sessions. Many reputed organizations conduct hackathons which aim to motivate students towards finding effective solutions to real-life problems such as electricity issues, water crisis and other societal issues.

    Enhance your soft skills

    When the placement season starts, it is a common observation that recruiters select candidates who have strong communication skills and have the potential to multi-task because this also signifies that such students will be proactive in taking initiatives. For overall development of students, participating in college fests actively is of great advantage. The self-starter attitude is highly in demand in the industry for leadership roles.

    Numerous educational advantages

    Your resume casts your first impression on a recruiter. Therefore, if your resume carries your participation and accomplishments in extra-curricular activities, your potential recruiter will get an idea about your skills and potential. Hosting events in college, organizing sports, technical or cultural event in college and participating in various competitions add value to your resume. Consistent involvement in more than one activity is proof of a student’s excellent time management skills. Such students also have a more impressive and confident personality.
    Any college experience is incomplete without the annual college fests. By being a part of such activities as technical fests, multiple cultural events and competitions, students tend to gain confidence and hence, become industry-ready. In the fast-paced competitive era, going beyond the booking knowledge is greatly valued. By being proactive in college activities, one acquires more knowledge and that too in various fields to keep up with the most advanced industry trends. Not only the knowledge gain college fests also teach students how to work hard for a common goal within a group and become responsible for achieving the targets. Thus, with the projects to complete within a stipulated deadline, say, organizing an event, a student also nurtures and improve their time-management skills and leadership skills.

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