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How you use your planner to stay organized?

  • Nov 2019
    How you use your planner to stay organized?

    Maintaining a record of everything you do in your college can be sometimes overwhelming. But it is also true that if you don't have a track of things, then they are easily forgotten, missed or miss out of time.

    Hence, developing a planner to stay organized and keeping frustration, anger and negative thoughts away from you - you should know how to use your planner to stay organized? Here is the list.

    • Make a Calendar:

    Make a habit of preparing your calendar to keep track of all the essential dates of exams, assignment submission, project deadlines, etc. Noting down the dates isn't enough, you should carry your calendar with you everywhere, so that you can note down anything important on it, then and there.

    • Final Year Project:

    If you have a plan about what is to be implemented for your final year project then don’t wait till the last moment. Start executing your project from the first year itself. Even if you are not decided, start to search a topic or invent new things and execute it accordingly. Doing this, you will have enough time to complete the project and there won’t be any pressure or deadlines that would worry you.

    • Keep a Track of Curriculums:

    In the first week itself, you will learn about your yearly syllabus. Use this syllabus of curriculums to buy books, journals, or textbooks accordingly. Keeping your plan organized after you order your textbooks can be useful to remind yourself of all the important due dates that will take place throughout the year.

    • Fitness Matters:

    If you are careless when it comes to your health, then be prepared with your priority tasks for the day. Plan some exercise or yoga practice in the morning or evening, according to your convenience. This will keep you away from illness, being sad and make you feel fresh & energetic all day.

    • Find a setup that works for you:

    The first thing is learning about what works for you in terms of all your plans and schedule. Then carry your planner with you accordingly. If you are a bookish person then noting the work schedule in sequence will help. Or else you can prepare you list on your laptop or phone too.

    Your Takeaway:

    As college students, there are many tiers of responsibilities. From academics to your social and personal life, it becomes a mess if you are not able to handle things in flow.
    Everyone feels like enjoying your college life without missing any terms. So to make this wish come true, follow these tips and you will have everything in your hands.

    Enjoy Your College Life!

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