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How to study effectively for a hard exam?

  • Nov 2019
    How to study effectively for a hard exam?

    College is a part of everyone’s life, with the right combination of hard work, enjoyment and fun. Following your peers, learning a few tips & tricks, enjoying the college life is all hunky dory, until it comes a time when you have to be serious.

    So, instead of distracting yourself from your goals and achievements, take time to think about what exactly should be done to make your path simpler. And for this, the primary focus should be on the Exams, Internals, Practical’s or maybe any classroom tests. Working on your studies daily will add a point in getting you one step closer to your goals.

    Now, to make it simpler for you, here are some essential tips you need to follow by studying effectively to get good grades no matter how hard the exam is.

    1. Prepare a Timetable:

    Exams are conducted to test your knowledge and your ability to manage your time productively. Creating a study timetable can be an effective time management plan.
    To succeed in your exams, you should allocate enough study time to prepare satisfactorily for all your subjects.

    2. Prepare Your Notes:

    Reading the chapters and highlighting significant portions help a lot. Still, when you write down the important points you read in your notebook, it enables you to remember information even more.
    Even reading important points loud and noting them down in your own words can help you understand the concepts more quickly.

    3. Use Diagram & Flowchart:

    We all know that visual attention can be beneficial when revising your studies. At the start of a topic, write down everything you already know about the subject. And when the exams are near, transform your revision notes in a diagram. In this manner, the visual remembrance can aid your readiness considerably when taking the exam.

    4. Practice On the Previous Question Papers:

    One of the most effective ways to prepare for exams is to practice taking past versions. It helps you in understanding the questioning format, and you almost cover all the essential topics. You also get an idea about spending the correct amount of time on each subject or chapter.

    5. Explain Your Answers to Others:

    Every student while studying is disturbed or annoyed if anyone interrupts in between. Be it your siblings or friends, you can use them as your advantage and ask them to help you do your revision. With this, you will happen to understand your lagging points too. Even discussing or explaining the answer to a friend who is not understanding the topic can help you in remembering the points and concepts thoroughly.

    6. Go Through Your Notes Before Exams:

    Once you are prepared for the exam and studied everything necessary, then you don’t need to stress out. Just a night before going to bed, you can revise (go through) everything again from your notes and once in the morning when you get up.
    This will surely help you in keeping your mind active and remembering the concepts quickly & easily.
    If you follow these tips and start studying accordingly, then be ready to party hard after your exams.

    All The Best!

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