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How Important Is Pre-Placement Training

  • July 2019

    As we move in the later months of the year, we are entering the placement sessions when the recruiter will start visiting the campus to offer the best job opportunities to the students who have worked hard and now are career-ready. While infrastructure, facilities and academic excellence are crucial factors in a university’s reputation in the industry, placement records also hold significance for students. To boost the career training, universities have a dedicated placement cell which ensures that the students receive adequate training for the upcoming placement process. Here are some of the benefits of having exclusive pre-placement training sessions for students:

    Aptitude Training

    Despite the preparation which students go through for placement, they might not achieve the desired results because of lack of practice in the aptitude skills. Thus, Placement Cell organizes programs in which students get to practice on their aptitude skills and receive training on verbal, analytical, critical and logical reasoning. Some of the other areas that these sessions focus on are problem-solving skills and time-management.

    Overall Personality Development

    This is ranked among the most important aspects of a pre-placement training session wherein the Placement Cell is organizing a wide array of tests, quizzes and workshops to enable them to identify their strengths and weaknesses. The idea behind these exercises is to groom students so that they are equipped to deal with challenging situations at work. During the placement session, students often get stressed and the workshops are extremely helpful in building their self-esteem.

    Resume Writing

    Any recruiter gains the first impression of any candidate through the resume. Thus, it becomes extremely crucial to have a well-drafted resume when you are going for an interview. Placement Cells make such sessions compulsory where they invite professionals to come and speak about how to creatively draft a resume and a cover letter to leave a positive impression on the potential employer. This will ensure that your resume does not end up in the rejected heap of candidatures unfit for a certain job role.

    Personal Interview

    The final rounds of any recruitment process are the personal interview in which many candidates are required to appear for multiple rounds with the HR, panel discussion and senior management. Some companies even prefer Skype interviews. The Placement Cell trains students on the dos and don’ts of an interview where they are guided about the dress code, body language, punctuality, confidence and how to deal with stressful situations in an interview.

    Training plays an important role in the holistic development of an individual. Educational Institutes have placement cells to take care of the mandatory training for students to enable them to become prepared for the recruitment process. While counselors motivate students by the necessary pep talks, many universities even have collaborations with reputed companies from where experienced trainers conduct sessions on various afore-mentioned aspects for pre-placement training. These training sessions enable students to advance their skills to be able to handle the placement process in a more efficient and confident manner.

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