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How To Pay For Your Own College Education (Without Parents’ Help!)

  • Mar2019
    How To Pay For Your Own College Education (Without Parents’ Help!)

    The experience one gains while studying in college is important because that is what shapes our personality. Thus, some of the most crucial elements that a college is associated with are a wide range of new experiences, freedom and success. However, there is no denying that college is a costly affair when you consider tuition fee, textbooks, food, accommodation, textbooks and other things.

    At times, parents might not be able to sponsor the educational expenses completely and thus, many students decide to work towards finding different means to pay for the college. Some of the ways in which students can fund their own fees have been listed below:

    Apply for scholarships

    Although this seems to be a common suggestion, however, it is always wise to check for scholarships because many students are not even aware of them. Even when some of them are aware, they might just apply for a single scholarship. A student should know that applying to multiple scholarships increases one’s chance to get selected to at least one.

    Get a paid internship or a part-time job

    Internships and part-time jobs are a great way to manage expenses. While they allow you to gain real-world hands-on experience, they also give you a chance to become more mature while self-financing your education. Often part-time jobs also offer you the option to work from home such as online freelancing projects where you get to work on a variety of projects.

    Check out paid integrated programs

    A practice prevalent in foreign universities, now many Indian universities are also following their league and thus, offer monthly stipends to students which are supposed to take care of their living expenses during the college years. Some of the reputed colleges also have the facility in which they waive off tuition fee for the meritorious students.

    Apply for an educational loan

    Opting for student loans is one of the most helpful ways to get your education expenses covered. Many of the banks have taken numerous initiatives to lower the interest rates for students. The Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development has also launched a special portal for students called Vidya Lakshmi where they can easily access information about the different bank loan schemes.

    Save wisely

    Students usually have a fair idea about their long-term career goals. Therefore, they must start saving for their education right from the school days. Even if you save small chunks of your pocket money, it will enable you to save some and invest them in the building of your future.
    The decision to pay for one’s college fees necessitates a new level of responsibility and maturity among students. No doubt that our college years are a lifetime investment and every student must play his or her part to avoid the burden falling on the parents’ shoulder entirely. Whether it is the subject of you performing well in academics or ensuring to contribute your share in your college, your parents will be proud of your sincerity.

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