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Career opportunities in Architecture

  • May2019
    Career opportunities in Architecture

    While completing a degree program in architecture might be a long and effort-taking process but is incredible rewarding. However, due to lack of guidance, it has often been observed that architecture graduates face trouble in deciding about their next step in the professional journey. Here is a list of some of the most lucrative career options that one can pursue after the completion of the program.

    Interior Design

    Another major field that interests architect graduates is interior designing. This field deals with coming up efficient designs that can use interior spaces to the maximum. The work of a designer is to add charm and appeal to a place while also ensuring that the safety measures are met.


    The most notable and common career option for graduates who have completed their degree program in architecture is to become a successful architect. This includes a variety of roles such as designing residential complexes, shopping complexes, corporate offices for your clientele. As an architect, you must have an idea on the kind of buildings that you would be interested in designing in your career.

    Urban Planning

    Specializing in urban planning is another vertical suitable for architecture graduates. This means that as an urban planner, you are required to assess, develop, coordinate and review resources and plan systematically and ensuring that creativity is there in the planning. As an urban planner, you are required to work along with public community officials. The dynamic landscape of the urban environment makes it an extremely interesting field for architects to pursue for a sustainable development.


    Those who have interest in construction management can start a career in the field which involves a variety of roles. While drafting contracts to tracking the assignment progress and dealing with any hurdles on the way. This also means that the person responsible must overlook the quality of construction material in use. Thus, if you are keen in the management aspect of the construction vertical, this field is meant for you.

    Research Architect

    The advancement of technology has had a strong impact on the field of architecture. There is immense scope of digital design and with the development of new tools, the representation of design has reached an altogether different level. The evolution of design has been entirely made possible with the advent of modern technology which allows architects to imagine how design can be enhanced further.


    You can also use your knowledge in architecture to impart it to others by becoming a faculty member at a renowned educational institute. You can also be a visiting lecturer and can be the keynote speaker in seminars or conduct workshops for students who will gain from your experience in the industry.
    There is no doubt that a major in the field of architecture leads to numerous job opportunities. The ideal way to find the right field for yourself is pursue internship in the relevant field to get the hands-on experience. Although the task of figuring out the right job profile might put you in a dilemma but with some serious pondering over, once you gain experience from your internship, it is not at all daunting to find the right fit in the field of architecture.

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