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Career networking tips for college students

  • May2019
    Career networking tips for college students

    College years are all about focusing on your academics, however, in these formative years, it is also important for students to start working on their professional development. If you take mart decision while you are pursuing your graduation, you will have a better chance at excelling in your career journey. Thus, this requires students to make sure that their career networking skills are put to maximum use. Here are the best career networking tips for college students:

    Make use of your college’s career services

    Pay a visit to your college career service office to be able to utilize this facility designed for students. The team at the College Career Service Center can help you in numerous ways such as enabling you to connect with the alumni from the same field and help in the building of your resume. This is a great way to seek guidance for initiating your job hunt.

    Be an active participant in class activities

    As you attend the lectures, do not just sit up in the class for the sake of attendance. Rather, find a seat in the front rows, ask questions and try to connect with the professor after the class if you need any further help with the subject matter. This will enable you to strengthen your relationship with the faculty members and they would know that you are sincerely interested in learning more about the subject matter.

    Get in touch with the alumni
    Connect with other faculty members

    While it is good to connect with the professors who teach you in a semester, it is always wise to network with other professors. If there is a professor whom you can think can guide and offer you some valuable career advice, then you can always send a polite email, expressing your willingness to meet the professor and have a discussion on your career pathway.

    Use social media to connect

    With the advent of professional platforms such as LinkedIn, students get an excellent platform to know about the latest updates of their connection and get inspired with their personal growth. Always keep your profile updated. You can also create your website or a blog to demonstrate your work and share it with your LinkedIn connections.

    Work as an intern

    Many organizations hire their interns for full-time job roles, however, some of these might not. Irrespective of the fact, it is important to know that internships provide the opportunity to students for learning by doing. If your internship is unpaid, don’t let it become a demotivating factor for you. Rather, make use f the opportunity to learn how to work in a professional setup.
    While these tips immensely help student in networking for their career enhancement. Many colleges also organize networking events for its students where reputed organizations visit the college campus to offer internship opportunities to them. So, get out there, participate in networking events to connect with people and stay up-to-date with any possible job or internship opportunities that might come up in their respective organizations.

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