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Career opportunities in Biotechnology

  • Aug2019

    Biotechnology is among the rapidly emerging fields in the country. Some of the fields under Biotechnology that have a vast scope of opportunities and scope are Healthcare, Nutrition, Medicine, Forensic Sciences and more. The idea behind pursuing research in the field of biotechnology is to combine the medical field with technology for advance health benefits. Here are some of the best in-demand job roles for biotechnology graduates:

    Biophysicist and Biochemist

    The main job of a biophysicist and biochemist is to study the physical and chemical properties of living things and processes which include heredity, cell development, disease and growth. As it is a research-based role, thus, they work in laboratories of various organizations. Their area of work may concern studying proteins to fin solution to certain diseases or creating eco-friendly fuel sources. Pharmaceutical, food and energy-based organizations recruit the largest number of biophysicists and biochemists.

    Agricultural Scientist

    The main aim of agricultural scientists is to increase the farm produce and improve plant health by being able to detect any risk and mitigating it. Their area of work is to create pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or any other method that has the potential of saving the crop from any looming danger such as weed growth or any infectious disease.

    Food Scientist

    An important wing of biotechnology is food science and nutrition. With the new lifestyle in practice, people have become more cautious for their health and look forward to following special diet charts to stay healthy. As a food scientist, one is required to develop an understanding of an individuals’ nutritional needs to be able to create more effective diet plans. They also dedicate their research on studying the ways in which various food items affect a certain body type and preservation of food to retain their health benefits over a longer duration.

    Biomedical Engineer

    Their area of work is research-oriented; however, they are different from biophysicists and biochemists because they exclusively get work opportunities in pharmaceutical companies, medical institutes and hospitals that have research facility, companies that manufacture medical instruments, devices and tools. As a biomedical engineer, one has the responsibility to find a cure for diseases and design innovative diagnostic tools and instruments.


    It is a commonly known fact that microorganisms, invisible to the naked eye are the cause of some of the deadliest diseases in the world. Microbiologists are the people responsible to find ways to defend humans against the battle with such disease carriers. Thus, they are the scientists who study microorganisms, their life cycle and how they impact us to find out ways to manufacture medicines and vaccines that can defend humans from their attack. Companies that are associated with food and nutrition, medicines and chemicals require microbiologists to work for them.
    With the right degree program and guidance, students will gain technical and practical skills which are later applied during the final semester research project. Any job related to biotechnology requires intensive research work. The above-mentioned job opportunities are the top listed ones in the field. With the information provided about each job role, you can choose your career pathway as per your interests.

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