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Scope of After Mechanical Engineering in India

  • Jan2019
    Blog 3_ Scope of After Mechanical Engineering in India

    If you are reading this article, you are probably interested in learning about the evergreen field of engineering. And, if you are serious about studying it, then we must say you are on the right track. Because mechanical engineering is a creator of several other branches of engineering; from automotive and aerospace to robotics and nuclear. This means one specialization can help you explore multiple domains. Plus, you can get to work in an industry which is growing by the year and is expected to add new 25,300 jobs by 2026, according to Career Planner.
    By now, you might have a rough idea why so many individuals prefer studying in one of the top mechanical engineering colleges in India. If you are inclined towards moving in this direction too, we have created a list of pointers to help you gauge the scope of mechanical engineering in our country and your future after completing the program. Let’s get started.


    According to the Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF), the engineering sector in our country has witnessed significant growth in the last decade. This is mainly due to the increased investments in infrastructure and industrial production. As this sector is closely linked to manufacturing and infrastructure development, it is of strategic importance to our economy. Statistics and statements by such organizations have proved that there's no looking back for mechanical and other fields of engineering in India.

    Demand for Mechanical Engineers

    ManpowerGroup's report published on Money Control states that India is facing a talent shortage of 63 per cent as of January 2020. And out of the most in-demand roles which do not have enough resources is mechanical engineering. The report states that there is a high demand in the market, but not the supply. By studying in a mechanical engineering college in Chennai or elsewhere, you can tap into a vast market with increasing demand.

    Industry types for Mechanical Engineering

    Now that you are aware of the growth and demand of mechanical engineers, let us understand in which industry can you make the most of your expertise. The following are the top sectors that need mechanical engineering professionals the most.

    • ● Scientific research and development services
    • ● Computer and electronic product manufacturing
    • ● Architectural, engineering, and related services
    • ● Transportation equipment manufacturing
    • ● Machinery manufacturing
    Career opportunities in Mechanical Engineering

    As mentioned above, mechanical engineers are required in different industries such as automotive, construction, chemical, aerospace, defence, and electronics. Considering the numerous industry types, there are varied job profiles as well. The top 10 career opportunities you can pursue after mechanical engineering are:

    1. ● Industrial Engineer
    2. ● Automotive engineer
    3. ● Biotechnologist
    4. ● Mechanical Engineering Technician
    5. ● Robotic engineer
    6. ● Materials Engineer
    7. ● Petroleum Engineer
    8. ● Aerospace Engineer
    9. ● CAD Technician
    10. ● Control and instrumentation Engineer
    11. ● Maintenance engineer

    To learn more about each of these prospects and their payscale, check out our previous blog titled “Jobs & Career Opportunities After Mechanical Engineering” and choose a profile that matches your interests the most.

    Future of Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical engineering has been associated with the production of machinery and automotive parts until today. But, this is about to change. With technology and automation changing every industry faster than ever, this field is going to transform as well.
    In the next ten years, you might not find the same job profiles that exist today. There will be new and better profiles for you to explore. For instance, the traditional engines will be replaced with cleaner, battery-powered systems for electric vehicles. Plus, nanoengineering and biomechatronics will also be at the forefront of this engineering discipline. The future of mechanical engineering is vast. And, to excel in it, you need to study in one of the top colleges, gain the relevant expertise and enhance your skill set to match the evolving requirements.


    Hopefully, this blog has helped you get a better understanding of the scope and future of mechanical engineering. This is a lucrative career option for individuals who are ready to take on new challenges, willing to evolve and lead a stable career.

    To learn more about this topic, stay tuned with our blog section.
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