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Jobs & Career Opportunities After Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering

  • Jan2020
    Jobs  Career Opportunities After Mechanical Engineering

    If you are reading this blog, chances are you are serious about getting a detailed understanding of the evergreen branch of engineering. And, if you are thinking of studying mechanical engineering and making a career in it, then you are headed in the right direction.

    Are you wondering, why? For starters, you can work in an industry which is growing by the year and is expected to add new 25,300 jobs by 2026, according to Career Planner. Plus, a good mechanical engineering college in India will help you develop skills which are in demand across various industries. So, you will be joining an engineering community which is expanding, enhancing your skillset and encouraging you to evolve!

    Now that you know why this branch of engineering is preferred by so many individuals and why you should consider it too, let’s understand what it is all about. Mechanical engineering is a combination of principles of engineering, physics and materials science to design, analyze, manufacture and maintain mechanical systems. In simple terms, anything and everything that moves is a result of successful mechanical engineering; right from the wheel to the aeroplane.

    By now, hopefully, you have a brief idea of the meaning and importance of this branch, let us focus on the primary purpose of this blog- job opportunities after completing a mechanical engineering program.

    Top 10 Jobs & Career Opportunities After Mechanical Engineering

    As mentioned above, mechanical engineers are required in varied industries from automotive, construction and chemical to aerospace, defence, and electronics. The nature of every work profile differs too. Keep reading to learn about the top 10 career opportunities after mechanical engineering and find out which one matches your interests the most.

    1. Aerospace Engineer

    As the name suggests, aerospace engineers are individuals who work primarily with aircraft. By specializing in this domain, you will learn how to design and test missiles, satellites, and spacecraft. You can also work on creating propulsion systems, analyzing the aerodynamic performance of aircraft and assuring all blueprints, prototypes, and products are at par with the required engineering standards, environmental issues, and customer requirements.


    • Formulate conceptual design of aerospace products as per requirements
    • Coordinate with engineering or technical personnel for designing, fabricating, modifying, or testing an aircraft
    • Develop design criteria for aeronautical products, which includes testing methods, production costs, and quality standards
    • Plan and conduct experimental, environmental, operational and stress tests on models and prototypes
    • Work on measuring and enhancing the performance of aircraft, components and systems

    Industry type and Payscale

    • Aircraft and aircraft component manufacturing companies
    • Airline operators
    • Armed forces

    According to, the entry-level salary for this profession is Rs. 8,56, 868. Of course, this varies depending on your company and skills.

    2. Automotive Engineer

    An Automotive Engineer is responsible for the development and maintenance of passenger cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles or off-road vehicles. In this domain, you will work with advanced technologies to create products that thrill the senses, offer safety and facilitate mobility.

    • Use mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, thermodynamic or pneumatic principles to solve engineering problems
    • Design and build prototypes of vehicular components and test their performance, and safety
    • Understand the changing customer needs and government regulations while developing new designs
    • Work on material, cost and timing estimates, and reports
    • Supervise the installation and adjustment of mechanical systems in industrial plants
    Industry type and Payscale
    • Car, commercial vehicle and motorcycle manufacturers
    • Companies serving specialist markets, such as sports or luxury cars
    • Design houses and test laboratories
    • Automotive component suppliers

    After completing your bachelor’s program, your average salary for this role can be ₹476,914.

    3. CAD technician

    A computer-aided design technician creates technical drawings and plans for products and parts which are used in the engineering, construction and manufacturing industries. This profile is ideal for you if you have a creative flair, excellent problem-solving skills and ability to articulate.


    • Develop high-quality, detailed technical layouts, and assembly drawings
    • Coordinate with engineers and executives to research drawings, catalogs and sketches to develop detailed dimensioned drawings
    • Review engineering drawings before the release
    • Make sure plants are compliant with industry and health and safety standards and protocols

    Industry type and Payscale

    • Civil engineering and construction companies
    • Architectural practices
    • Utility companies

    According to, the average base pay of a CAD Technician is Rs. 5,48,000.

    4. Contracting Civil Engineer

    As a Contracting Civil Engineer, you will work on making the plans and drawings of a consulting civil engineer a reality. You will mainly work onsite and oversee the entire construction project.


    • Handle the planning and design stage of construction projects
    • Work on logs, estimates, change orders, and vendor forms
    • Strategically respond to questions from contractors, clients
    • Take full responsibility for health and safety on site
    • Schedule and adjust each stage of the project to meet time and budget targets

    Industry type and Payscale

    • Construction companies
    • Water utilities
    • Transportation project providers

    By choosing this job profile, you can expect an average salary of Rs. 664,003 per annum.

    5. Control and Instrumentation Engineer

    As a Control Engineer, you will oversee the production of complex systems and equipment. You will have to research, test, and analyze the design concerning the function of the elements in the system.


    • Test, maintain and make modifications to existing systems
    • Analyze data and provide valuable insights
    • Collaborate with design engineers, operation engineers, and purchasers
    • Liaise with clients, suppliers, contractors and relevant government authorities

    Industry type and Payscale

    • Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies
    • Manufacturers
    • Pharmaceutical plants

    The average base salary of a Control and Instrumentation Engineer is Rs. 413,963 per year.

    6. Maintenance Engineer

    A Maintenance Engineer needs to have a responsible and organised approach to oversee the working and repairs of all equipment and machinery. To be proficient at this role, you will need to be a team player, know how to negotiate, capacity to understand a range of engineering functions and procedures.


    • Identify and rectify faults
    • Repair equipment
    • Obtain specialist components, fixtures or fittings
    • Make budgets, statistical and financial records
    • Ensure compliance with health and safety legislation

    Industry type and Payscale

    • Construction companies
    • Oil, gas and petrochemical organizations
    • Research agencies

    The starting salary of a Maintenance Engineer is more than 3 lacs per annum.

    7. Nuclear engineer

    As a Nuclear Engineer, you will research and develop the processes and systems used to derive benefits from nuclear energy and radiation. You need to have excellent analytical skills, strong maths and IT aptitude, and good communication skills.


    • Understand how a nuclear energy plant operates
    • Analyze energy transmission, conversion and storage systems
    • Resolve operational problems with reactor cores and shielding, hydraulic and electrical systems
    • Handle staff and budgets for intricate design, construction, maintenance, expansion, and safety projects

    Industry type and Payscale

    • Electricity generation companies
    • Medicine manufacturers
    • Defence

    This job profile offers an average salary of Rs. 9,82,635 per year.

    8. Robotic engineer

    This is a very recent yet lucrative type of engineering; wherein you will have to create robots that are able to perform tasks that humans cannot perform or choose not to. Basically, using your expertise and skills to make jobs safer, easier and faster.


    • Designing, building, configuring, and testing robots
    • Designing software systems to control robotic systems
    • Designing automated robotic systems to increase the production & precision levels
    • Analyzing prototypes and robotic systems
    • Creating, reviewing and approving cost estimates and design calculations
    • Researching to introduce new technologies to improve the robot production process

    Industry type and Payscale

    • Manufacturing companies
    • Healthcare
    • Agriculture
    • Automotive and Transportation

    The starting salary package of a Robotics Engineer is Rs. 432,098 p.a.

    9. Materials Engineer

    Materials influence our lives each time we buy or use a new device, machine, or structure. These experts are responsible for discovering, analyzing the properties and testing different substances to produce new goods.


    • Choose the best combination of materials for a specific purpose
    • Test materials to assess their resistance to heat, corrosion or chemical attacks
    • Use computer modelling software to analyze data
    • Develop prototypes
    • Supervise quality control throughout the construction and manufacturing process

    Industry type and Payscale

    • Manufacturing companies
    10. Petroleum Engineer

    As compared to the ones mentioned above, this is an unconventional yet high-paying job profile. Here, you will find new ways to design and develop methods for extracting oil and gas from deposits below the earth’s surface.


    • Design and develop machinery to extract oil and gas in the best way possible
    • Introduce new ways to force out more oil from a reserve
    • Make sure that reserves and wells are evaluated before extraction
    • Ensure oil field equipment is installed, operated, and maintained properly

    Industry type and Payscale

    • Oil companies
    • Manufacturing organizations
    • Research laboratories

    After you have completed your graduation program from one of the top engineering colleges, you can find a job that pays this profile a starting salary of Rs. 817,852 annually.


    These are the leading job opportunities you can pursue after mechanical engineering. The responsibilities and salary package will vary depending on the company, your skills and location. Remember, these aren’t the only options in store for you. This field is evolving rapidly. So, in the next 10 years, you will have job profiles which do not even exist today. All you need to do is focus on enabling yourself with in-demand skills and expertise.

    Become a Mechanical Engineer with AVIT

    At AVIT, we offer an industry-relevant curriculum to groom you into an expert the corporate world is looking for. By signing up for our mechanical engineering program, you can get a chance to open doors to multiple career avenues. Interested in learning more about our course? Click here! And, if you want to become a part of the AVIT community, fill in the application form and get a step closer to a fulfilling career.

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