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7 best foods to boost your brain & memory

  • Sep 2019

    Keeping your brain in good health and taking care of your health sometimes becomes too hard to manage. Although, there are different ways to do from doing proper exercise, yoga, visiting a gym, getting enough sleep and keep your mind active and motivated. The food you eat also plays a vital role in keeping your brain healthy and gain more brain power. Almost 90% of people think that following a gym diet will help to keep them fit. But the thing is if you stop visiting the gym after a while ultimately is brought back to zero. And once you know what is healthy food categorized as then there is no need to worry about your weight gain or body shape. Unhealthy food usually results in a lack of learning, thinking, remembrance to the brain & memory.

    Brain foods are rich in minerals, vitamins, good fats and essential antioxidants. These food items improve memory, energy and protect you against any brain disease. Now you must be thinking what these food items are? Will it taste good? Is it too expensive? To understand and get an answer to your questions, you can go through the following 7 Best Foods to Boost Your Brain & Memory.

    1. Nuts & Seeds:

    It is always suggested to have proper intake of Vitamin E to improve your brain functions and memory. And nuts like almonds, walnuts, fennel seeds, dates and pumpkin seeds will also help. These nuts and seeds support the valuable vitamins and minerals to increase your memory and brain power.

    2. Eggs:

    Eating eggs is a very easy way to get choline where egg yolks are the most concentrated source of nutrients like vitamin B6 & B12. It contains a large amount of proteins. Even diet specialists advise eating eggs every day to improve your body protein and brain functionality.

    3. Oily Fish:

    Fish lover but don’t know whether it is good for health? Then you will love this. Oily and fatty fishes are the best food items when it comes to boosting your brain and memory. As human brain is made of 70% of fats, fishes like salmon, sardines, trout which are rich in omega-3s fatty acids are advised to be consumed.

    4. Blueberries:

    Mad for Blueberries? Then you can now include this in your healthy food list. These dark colored berries are highly rich in antioxidants which improve your memory loss problem. Regular intake of Blueberries leads to no aged diseases or problems. It also helps good communication between brain cells.

    5. Broccoli:

    Broccoli contains vitamin C and flavonoids, and antioxidants which boost a person's brain health. It is a full pack of powerful plan compounds with high vitamin K. Broccoli helps your brain against any harmful damages.

    6. Green Tea:

    Green tea prevents you from the breakdown of acetylcholine which is the major chemical tangled in memory. It is also very good for Alzheimer’s patients. It helps to keep yourself fresh and belly free too.

    7. Dark Chocolate:

    The only thing better than chocolate is Dark chocolate. From our childhood it is been heard that chocolates are not good for your health and you had to compromise by not having one. Here’s good news for you! Dark chocolates are the healthiest chocolates for you as most of them contain around 60% cocoa. Hence, it is rich in flavanol antioxidant which increases your brain blood flood and shields brain cells.

    If you can see the above list, then you get to know that there are many tasty and loving food but you felt not to have it just by thinking about your health. Now that you know, you are free to make your own healthy chart for a healthy brain and healthy life.

    Strong Mind Leads to Strong Body!

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