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6 Reasons to attend international academic conferences

  • June2019
    6 Reasons to attend international academic conferences

    As the importance of learning by doing approach increases, various universities and organizations ensure to organize a plethora of academic conferences at national and international level. Now the question that further needs some pondering over is, why must we attend international academic conferences? Check out the list of reasons below:

    Paper presentation

    Among the primary objectives of an academic conference, paper presentation tops the list because this gives a chance to the presenter to get feedback on his work upon presenting it to an audience with a relevant industrial background. This also serves as a great platform for exchanging ideas and increases possibilities of collaborations in the future with the experts.

    Networking opportunities

    An international academic conference is also excellent because you get ample opportunities to connect with professionals from the same field and grow your network. This also gives a chance to participants to expand their knowledge base by interacting with people from the same discipline. Meeting new people will also enable you to broaden your perspective as you will learn to see a problem with a holistic vision and find innovative solutions.

    Have a positive outlook

    Having the right attitude to understand that you can manage your time well is the key to success. Do not give up. If you feel that you are lagging, push yourself some more till you achieve your goal. One of the biggest hindrances in this regard is procrastination. Pushing off a task for tomorrow has never helped anyone. Thus, finish the aligned tasks for the day as planned.


    Everyone needs a break after a period of hard work. Once you are done working on your research paper, paper publication, you deserve a break. Academic conferences are usually held at prime locations which also gives you the chance to travel to far off lands and experience a new culture, city, language and meet new people. This will give you a well-deserved break from your workspace as you get to break the monotony of your routine.

    Paper publication

    A great reason to attend international conferences is the opportunity to get your paper published in renowned journals. Your abstract and paper, once presented, has a good chance to be featured in a journal because innovative research topic is often picked up from various conferences.

    Add research value to your work

    The main subject of an academic conference is to highlight the ongoing research work in the discipline and discuss any upcoming research projects in the area. Thus, to get access to various research activities in the field and the developments and findings, conferences are the ideal place to be, if you are a scholar.

    Get to know what’s new

    It is always beneficial to know the recent topics of study in your field. International academic conferences enable participants to know about the recent academic trends and practices in a certain academic discipline and thus, it is a good reason to be an audience to various paper presentations and keep pace with the latest developments.
    In today’s fast-paced world, attending a conference has become a matter of utmost importance for students so that they can be keep up the pace with the advancements in their respective academic discipline. Whether it is meeting people of same mindsets, visions and goals or taking advantage of the vast platform to get your ideas across to experts who would be able to offer valuable advice, participating in academic conferences have multiple benefits.

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