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6 Best Things You Will Learn During the First Year of College

  • Sep 2019
    6 Best Things You Will Learn During the First Year of College

    It is normal to be nervous, happy & excited about your first year of college. Buying new stuff, clothes, and enrolling in first semester sessions are just some of the things to be excited about.

    Though new opportunities and experiences are coming up in your life, college is not always about bunking, having fun with friends in the mess, roaming in campus or playing games. Every student has many experiences which they carry with them a lifetime. But the 6 best and important things that you will surely learn during your first year in college are given below.

    1. Time Management:

    We all hear it since childhood that - "Time management is the key to Success". Likewise, it becomes challenging if you are trying to plan your class timings, assignment submission deadlines, self-study and some personal time before or after your college hours. It is understood that you will face delaying tactics in some of the other ways if you don't plan for it. So start doing your assignments and projects daily and attend the practical sessions regularly so that there won't be any kind of burden on you in later phase. Doing this will keep your mind free from any type of liability.

    2. You will start missing your Parents & their Love:

    During your school times, it was your parents who helped you but now, things will change. You will have to do all the chores on your own and that’s when you will realize their value and what they have done for you and are still doing. This is the time when you will start missing them and will also find yourself calling them a lot more than you expect.

    3. Not all friends stay:

    The hardest thing during college time is making friends. It takes a lot of efforts to know a person and become friends. You will find people and they will share a good bonding which will leave an imprint on your life. The guy who borrowed your pen and notes, shared jokes and lunch may not be much around as you expected it to be. You have to prepair yourself and your mind for the things that’ll change unexpectedly.

    4. Keep a balance:

    Creating a college and personal life balance is more important during times of stress. It is a fact that a high rate of pressure is developed while assignment or project submission, exams or practicals. So, it is always better to prepare a time-table for all your daily activities and follow it. This will help you in time management and you will also make time for both academic and social life.

    5. Don't be afraid to change if things don't work out:

    Somethimes, it happens that there is a professor for a particular subject, whose teaching style is not productive for you. If so, talk to the higher authority and change your class division or find some random solution to it. If you find this awkward to handle face to face, do it by e-mail or letter. Often an e-mail or letter with a follow-up phone call, at most, takes care of a tough situation. Or if you don't understand a topic and having trouble to understand they go and seek help from the professors whenever you get time.

    6. Avoid distractions:

    College can be amazing when you are trying to maintain your grades, complete assignments-projects or balance relationships. Most of us get distracted with text messages, phone calls and push notifications. You can use such distractions as a reward. While studying or attending a class, you can keep your phone on silent or turn off the notifications. And once you are free then give yourself a few minutes to respond to your messages, calls or emails. But just don't get yourself carried out with it.

    Now, you must be feeling sad and thinking about how will I manage these things? But there is nothing to worry about. Your first year of college will start as a bit rough, you will start to understand things and how you do it. You will get to know about how things work out in the college and outside too.

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