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5 ways to look confident in an interview

  • May2019
     5 ways to look confident in an interview

    All of us struggle in our job hunt which is always exhausting but once we get a call for an interview, our elation knows no bounds. However, once the realization settles in, the anxiety caused due to the pressure of appearing in a job interview is the next level in the process. Here is a list of strategies that can help you stay calm and composed during an interview:

    Breathe easy

    As you wait for the interviewer, make sure you take some deep breath in the meantime and relax. Inhale slowly through your nose and feel your stomach expand and slowly exhale as you will have a clearer state of mind.

    Maintain eye contact

    Practice the habit of maintaining eye contact with the person you are speaking to because it is very important. People often lag this skill while speaking during an interview. However, if you are staring on the side or on the ceiling while you talk, you leave a negative impression on the interviewer. On a different note, while you are speaking, do not stare at the interviewer continuously, giving off a creepy vibe. So, make your eye contact look natural with breaks in between without too much lingering on to other things in the room.

    Body language

    For appearing confident in an interview, body positions play a vital role. Sit up straight and not casually giving an idea of a laid-back attitude to the interviewer. Additionally, sit in a way that you do not appear timid and smaller in the frame. This also includes another important part of the interview – the handshake. Practice a firm handshake which doesn’t come off as aggressive but demonstrates experience as well as confidence.

    Do not fidget

    Be calculative with your movements in an interview. Make sure that you do not end up fidgeting with a pen or paper continuously because these are telltale signs of anxiety. It is advisable to keep your hands clasped together either in your lap or on the table. In case you are an anxious leg shaker,

    Take pauses

    When we are anxious, we tend to talk continuously and at times, end up giving information more than it is required. Thus, while answering a question, we must try to address one thing at a time and thus, talk about one or two ideas so that your answer does not turn into rambling. This also means that you should take care that your tone of answering is polite and doesn’t come off as rude or that you are avoiding a healthy conversation.
    Now that we have gone through the top five ways to appear confident in an interview, you can calm your nerves. This is the time when you should have a positive outlook that you deserve to be there in the interview is the reason why the hiring manager selected you. Thus, you should keep this in mind and stay motivated as you walk in for an interview with your dream company.

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