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5 Tips To Make A Great First Impression At An Interview

  • July2019

    First impressions go a long way especially when the subject of discussions is job interviews. While technical skills on the resume also have a significant role, recruiters assess a candidate equally on their rapport-building skills. If you perform well in what the hiring manager term as ‘rapport-building stage’ you will be rated higher than who other candidates who might have the same qualifications as you have.

    Here is a list of top five tips to make a great impression at an interview:

    Dress up for an interview

    While going for an interview, dress formally. Before going in for an interview, make sure you research on the suitable dress code that the organization recommends for interviews because some might prefer Indian formal attire while others might appreciate the Western formalwear. All of us feel comfortable in our sweatpants and hoodies, however, your potential employer does not need to know that. Make sure your fingernails are trimmed and neat whereas when it comes to jewelry and fragrance, do not overdo it.

    Shake hands

    When you walk in the room, greet your hiring manager with a firm handshake. In case he or she does not offer, you extend yours out of courtesy. There are chances that you might be anxious and have sweaty palms, thus, keep a tissue in your pocket and wipe your hand dry before going in for a handshake. Another important thing while shaking hands is to ensure that your grip is not too tight or loose.

    Maintain a good posture

    During an interview, you might be in a room with uncomfortable furniture, but you must resist the urge to hunch or slouch as you talk about your skillset. A posture where one slouches might give an impression to the interviewer that you are not interested in the interview. It is advisable that you should practice your sitting style a day before to make sure that you do not give any negative impressions to your interviewer.

    Punctuality is the key

    Planning your commute to the interview is crucial. If you intend to use public transport, you must prepare beforehand so that you reach the venue at least 15 minutes before the given time for the interview. However, do not reach the venue hours in advance because that might give a sign that you did not have anything else planned and hence, you decided to pass your time at the organization’s reception.

    Be confident

    Walk in the interview room chin-up and a pleasant smile. Anxiety before an interview is natural but you should not give away as it will make you look like you lack confidence.

    On receiving a confirmation for an interview, we all tend to get excited planning about the answers to the possible questions during the interview. However, planning on how to make that extremely important first impression on the interview panel is equally vital. Thus, pay close attention that will significantly boost your chances to be selected for the next round.

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