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10 College Application Mistakes to Avoid

  • Mar2019
    10 College Application Mistakes to Avoid

    Every student wants to get admitted to the most reputed colleges, however, due to silly errors in their application forms, they often face rejection. However, if an applicant plans on filling up the form in an organized manner, many of the common mistakes can be easily avoided. The common errors, which are usually the red flags in the reviewer’s eyes and might result in sending your application form to the ‘not selected’ stack. Find below the top 10 college application mistakes that every student must avoid:

    Fill out the personal details

    Often in a hurry, applicants tend to miss out on including vital details due to which application forms get rejected.

    Talk about your ambition

    Reflecting your ambition and vision in the application provides a context to the reviewer about the applicant’s thought process.

    Do not boast about your strengths

    While the focus is you in any application form but don’t overdo the usage of ‘I’ in an application form.

    Research about the college

    Many colleges choose to use certain factors to ensure that their applicant pool is well-balanced. Thus, you must know about the college to be able to elaborate your point of view on why you want to be a part of the college.

    Read directions carefully

    Go through instructions to fill the form in detail so that you do not overlook any significant pointer.

    Take ownership of the application form

    In case, you have a doubt while filling out the application form, do not make your parents call the college admission office to clarify it. It is always better to have a sense of ownership and take the lead while filling out the form.

    Do not change your application form to a resume

    Often, students write about themselves in a way that the application form looks like a resume. Thus, students should focus on filling out the activity section in the form to demonstrate their skills.

    Proofread your application form

    Do not be over-confident while writing your essay and submitting them without proofreading it. When the reviewer come across typos, he or she might reject it under the impression of extreme carelessness on the applicant’s form.

    Do not procrastinate

    It is not wise to fill in the application form in a hurry on the last date of submission. You must always have a handful of days of grace period so that you can include all the relevant details.

    Repeating yourself is not a good idea

    While you are filling out the application form, avoid repeating yourself and ensure that every pointer is a new idea.

    By following the above-mentioned one can avoid the stressful time that one faces while filling out application forms for colleges. Finding a good college, applying and getting selected puts a student under a lot of pressure and in such situation, chances are that the student might commit silly errors and end up getting their college forms rejected. Thus, with careful planning, the common errors while filling out the application form can be easily avoided.

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