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5 Reasons Why Internships are Important for Your Career

  • Mar2019
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    For a bright career, the experience is extremely important and has become a major issue for students aspiring for excellent career opportunities. Recruiters heavily depend upon a candidate’s resume to understand his or personality as a prospective employee in their organization better. Thus, the mention of practical work or internships on the resume adds immense value in the eyes of the recruiter. Here are five reasons why internships are important for your career:

    Get real-life experience

    An internship helps you to get hands-on experience of working in a professional set-up. You get to understand how people work in an organization from day to day basis. This will also allow you to try out various roles and analyze the ones best suited for you. The experience you gain from an internship will also shape your personality because you will get to know about your areas of strength and weaknesses. Internships are also an opportunity for students to showcase their talent and demonstrate their abilities to their prospective employer.

    Grow your network

    Through internships, students get numerous opportunities to attend events where they get to meet and greet professionals. This gives them a brilliant platform to interact with new people and develop communication skills while also, growing their professional network. The connections you build now might also be useful at some point in the future when you are planning to switch industries.

    Time management

    As an intern, you are required to work efficiently in a fast-paced work culture. This teaches you how to use each minute wisely. Having strong time-management skills is important to be successful in any job role. You will learn to manage time to be able to finish assignments well within deadlines and be progressive.

    Develop skills

    A strong resume leaves a lasting impression on a recruiter. A well-built resume must highlight the strengths, experience and qualification of the candidate. Internships are a great way to enhance one’s skills and hone new ones. Recruiters are highly impressed when they see internships on an applicant’s resume. When you start out in your career journey with no work experience of even a single internship, you become more vulnerable when it comes to a scenario of layoffs in the organization. Thus, developing new skills come to your rescue when you work as an intern in different organizations.

    Career Development

    Internships are also great in helping students build a strong foundation for the professional journey. It is always vital to choose internships that are aligned with your career interests because this will also enable you to perform well. You must understand that many organizations use internships as a means of absorbing the ones who stand out in terms of their efficiency.

    Internships are a great medium to double up your chances of getting employed by the same organization once you complete your summer internship. This is also your chance to try something new and learn specifically about the companies and verticals they are interested in. Students also get industry exposure by getting to work in a real-time scenario along with assignments, training, and responsibilities.

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