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Biotechnology - Research Activities

Funded Projects Completed

S.No Title of the Project Funding Agencies Grants Received Duration Status
1 National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC-2014) Ministry of Environment &Forests (MOEF) 12,000 2014 Completed
2 National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC-2015) Ministry of Environment &Forests (MOEF) 12,000 2015 Completed
3 Large Scale Production of 4-Ipomeanol, an Anticancer agent Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India, New Delhi Rs.26,48,490/- March 2012- March 2015 completed and final report submitted to DBT
4 Earth Day Celebration (2017) Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) 1,00,000 2017 Completed

Funded Projects Applied

S.No Name of the Project Name of the PI-Co-PI Name of the Funding Agency Year of Applied Total Amount
1 Bioethanol Production from Sugarcane Bagasse Dr.R.Devika DBT-TATA innovation fellowship 18-Dec Rs.600000
2 Aloe vera punch as cancer therapeutics Dr. B. Prabasheela Dr. A. Nirmala Dr. R. Nagalakshmi DBT- ATGC 2018-Dec Rs.2500000
3 Fabrication of silver nano composite to alleviate pelvic inflammatory disease for intra uterine device users Dr. B. Prabasheela Dr. A. Nirmala Dr. R. Nagalakshmi DBT- ATGC 2018-Dec Rs.2216000
4 Application of computer data analytics in agriculture for improved crop production Dr. G. Karthigadevi Dr.R.Devika DBT-ATGC 2018-Dec Rs.1645000
5 Entrepreneurship skill development programme for rural women Dr. R. Devika Dr. G. Karthigadevi TNSCST 2018-Dec Rs.48000
6 Awareness program on rising infertility due to poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) Dr. G. Karthigadevi Dr. R. Devika TNSCST 2018-Dec Rs.49000
7 Antiurolithiatic activity of formulated herbal extracted Dr.A.Nirmala TNSCST 2019-Feb Rs.47000
8 Zinc oxide nano particle as fungicidal carrier –Nano fertilizer formulation for Barnyard Millet Dr. G. Karthigadevi Dr. R. Devika TNSCST 2019-Feb Rs.44000
9 Entrepreneurship awareness program for biotechnology graduates Dr.R .Subbaiya DST-NIMAT 2019-Feb Rs.60000
10 Therapeutic validation of allylated mono carbonyl curcumin analog CA10: Glutathione S-Transferase P1 as a potential Molecular target against cervical cancer Dr.R .Subbaiya, Dr.R.Devika TNSCST 2019-Feb Rs.498000
11 Seed balls production process Dr. G. Karthigadevi (CO-PI) TNSCST 2019-Feb Rs.350000
12 In vitro Production of Endangered Medicinal Plants Using Net House Mr.R.Balachandar, Dr.R.Devika, Dr.G.Karthigadevi DST-TDT 2019-March Rs.3143400

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Online Scloarship Test