Courses Offered

UG Courses

B.E/B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering

B.E/B.Tech, Automobile Engineering

PG Courses

M.E/M.Tech, Manufacturing Engineering

Part Time Courses

B.E/B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering

M.E/M.Tech, Manufacturing Engineering

Lateral Entry Courses

B.E/B.Tech Mechanical Engineering


Full Time / Part Time (External/Internal)

Curriculum & Syllabus
B.E/B.Tech, (Mech) FT:
2017 2016 2015 2012

B.E/B.Tech, (Mech) PT:
2017 2016 2012

M.E/M.Tech, (Manufacturing Engineering) FT:
2016 2015 2012

M.E/M.Tech, (Manufacturing Engineering) PT:
2016 2015 2012

B.E/B.Tech, (Full Time):
2017 2016 2015 2012

B.E/B.Tech, (Automobile) FT:

B.E/B.Tech, (Part Time):
2017 2016 2015 2012

M.E/M.Tech, (Full Time / Part Time):
2017 2016 2015 2012


SL NO Name of the Laboratory Actual Lab courses conducting
1 Basic Workshop lab Workshop Practice Lab
Engineering Skills Practices lab.
2 Computer Aided Design & Drafting Lab Machine Drawing Lab
Finite Element Analysis Lab
Vehicle Design and Data Characteristics Lab
Vehicle Modeling Lab
Mechanical Component Modeling Lab ( PG)
Analysis & Simulation lab (PG)
3Computer Aided Manufacturing Lab Computer Aided Manufacturing Lab.
Automotive Engine Simulation Lab
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab (PG)
4 Fluid Mechanics & Machinery lab Hydraulics and Strength of Materials Lab
Fluid Mechanics and Strength of Materials Lab
5Strength of Materials Lab Hydraulics and Strength of Materials Lab
Fluid Mechanics and Strength of Materials Lab
6 Manufacturing Technology Lab-I Manufacturing Technology Lab-I
Manufacturing Engineering Lab
7 Manufacturing Technology Lab-II Manufacturing Technology Lab-II
8 Metrology Lab Metrology and Measurements Lab
9Metallurgy lab Metallurgy lab
10Dynamics Lab Dynamics Lab
11Thermal Engineering Lab-I Thermal Engineering Lab ( PG)
Engine Testing Lab
Engine Testing and Emission Measurement Lab
12Thermal Engineering Lab-II Heat Transfer Lab
13Fuels & Lubricants Lab Automotive Fuels & Lubricants Lab
14Automotive Engine Components Lab Automotive Engine Components Lab
Automobile Engineering Lab
15Automotive Chassis Lab Automotive Chassis Lab
16Automotive Electrical and Electronics Lab Automotive Electrical and Electronics Lab
17Engine Reconditioning Lab Vehicle Maintenance and Engine Reconditioning Lab
18Two and Three Wheeler Lab Two and Three Wheeler Lab

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