Society of Automotive Engineers

The Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE is an international body of automotive and mechanical engineers practicing or studying automotives. The institution has a SAE Collegiate Club with a moderate student and faculty strength. The club is an affiliate to SAE India and the members participate in all the activities of the Southern Section of SAE India. The members have to date been attending industrial visits organized by SAE ISS regularly. Other activities include trekking, regular technical lectures, seminars, conferences, student conventions, etc. The SAE Collegiate Club of AVIT has organized Tier–II events, the Mini Convention 2008 and inter‐collegiate technical competitions in its campus. The members of the SAE Collegiate Club had the privilege of taking up the registration process of the SAE International Mobility Congress & Exposition conducted during December, 2009. There was widespread appreciation from the members' circle on the successful organizing of the registration process during the three day event. The SAE Collegiate Club of AVIT organized a trekking event to the Yercaud hills in 2009. Apart from the student visits and other similar activities, the members have participated actively in the SAE Career Start, the off‐campus placement programme, conducted by SAE ISS. During the academic years 2007‐08 and 2008‐09, written tests and interviews were conducted by core automotive companies like Brakes India, Sundaram Clayton, Wheels India, Turbo Energy Limited, Automotive Infotronics Limited, Mahindra and Mahindra, etc. Students got placed in Sundaram Clayton Limited, Turbo Energy Limited and Automotive Infotronics. One of our faculty members Mr. N. Lakshminarayanan was nominated recently as a member in the Executive Council of SAE INDIA Southern Section.

Industries Visited :