The Madras Metallurgical Society is a statewide society of metallurgists and material science professionals in vogue for the last 25 years. Madras Metallurgical Society (MMS) is a non-profitable professional society for the aspirants of material science and metallurgy. MMS has spread its technical hand to academic institutions to incorporate the significance of Engineering Materials to the young student community. The institution is proud to boast of its very first student chapter established in 2009. The objective of this student chapter is to impart and inculcate the significance of Material Science & Metallurgy in the different streams of Mechanical Engineering amongst the student community.

The student chapter has an excellent strength of about 400 members. One of our faculty members Mr. N. Lakshminarayanan is the Governing President of MMS Student Chapter and also the Joint Secretary of the Society. Another faculty Member Mr. J. Senthil is the Governing Secretary of the MMS Student Chapter and also a member of the Executive Council of the Society.

The student chapter has been conducting technical lectures and inter-collegiate technical competitions and arranges in-plant training to students. The MMS Student Chapter has also been offered projects from industries. Apart from the activities at the campus, the members also participate actively in the expert lectures, training courses and workshops organized by the society. The MMS Chapter sponsors its students and faculty members to participate in workshops and courses organized by the society from time to time. Some worth mentionable workshops are Heat Treatment, Nano-materials, Composite materials and their Applications and Metallurgy for Non-metallurgists.

Industries supporting the MMS Student Chapter :s

MMS is still evolving and strengthening its position as a professional society for the materials community in this region. The Student Chapter hopes to strengthen its student activities in the forthcoming year