About the Department

The Central Library of AVIT is the knowledge hub of the college and disseminates knowledge wide and deep. The central library serves the following objectives

The AVIT Central Library is the heart, mind and soul of the institution. It is also the nerve center of the college and the fountain head of innovation, inspiration and insight both for the students and the faculty.

Working Hours

8:45 am to 6:30 pm.

Rules and Regulations


Membership is open to all the staff and the students of AVIT.

Circulation was computerized and a bar coding system was introduced to expedite the library transactions.

Accordingly, all the faculty and students were issued bar-coded membership cards for access to the library.

All the Final Year student members are expected to get the "No Dues Certificate" (NOC) from the Central Library.

The Course Completion Certificate/ Mark Sheet and Degree Certificate will be given only on production of the NOC from the Central Library.

Similarly, the staff members who intend to leave the college should settle all the dues including the ID cards and obtain a "No Dues Certificate" (NOC) from the Librarian.

Loss of Library ID Cards

Loss of Library ID cards should be reported immediately to the Central Library and ID Number will be blocked in the library to avoid misuse of the card. Duplicate cards will not be issued.

Issue and Return of Books

Circulation was computerized and a bar coding system was introduced to expedite the library transactions. Accordingly, all the faculty and students were issued bar-coded membership cards for access to the library. At the time of borrowing, the users are requested to show their ID cards for borrowing books. All the faculty members of the university can register themselves for membership of the library and borrow books. Books other than reference books will be issued to student members for a period of 10 days only. For staff members, the loan period is one month.

Borrowing Limits


Five Books (5 Books) at a Time Two Books (2 Books) at a Time (U.G)

Five Books (5 Books) at a Time (P.G)

Lab Assistants - One Book

System Administrator - One Book

Supporting Staff - One Book


Two Books (2 Books) at a Time (U.G)

Five Books (5 Books) at a Time (P.G)

Reference Books, Encyclopedias, Hand Books, Dictionaries, Periodicals, Student Project Report, Dissertations, Theses and Back Volumes will not be issued and ARE ONLY FOR REFERENCE.

One renewal will be permitted if there are no reservations against these books. For renewal, books have to be presented physically at the library counter.

Members, before leaving the counter must satisfy them as to whether the books, which they intend to borrow, are in good condition and any damage/marking should be immediately reported to the Librarian failing which the member to whom the book was issued will be held responsible.

Overdue Charges

Members are advised to return/ renew the books on or before the due date marked on the book. A borrowed book should be returned on the due date, failing which a penalty of 50 p /- will be collected as overdue charge per day.

An undue delay in returning the books will result in the cancellation of membership.

A repeated failure to return the books on time may lead to denial of borrowing facility.

Loss of Books

Loss of books, if any, should be reported immediately to the library and it should be replaced with a new copy along with a levy of overdue charges if any.

In case the borrower is unable to replace the books that are lost, he will be levied a penalty amounting to the latest price of the book plus 30% extra charges.

General Rules



In addition to all general services, the Central Library provides value added services including OPAC, audio-video viewing, Inter Library Loan, access to e-resources and reprographic services.

Institution Membership

BCL -10 cards borrow 4 books and 2 magazines against each card

Web :

DELNET- Developing Library Network (International Library Network) – avail any book

Xerox or soft copy of any journal article through ILL (Inter Library Loan)

Web :



All the members are requested to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the library. Suggestions for the improvements of the library are welcome.

A member who infringes or violates the rules shall be liable to forfeit his/ her privilege of admission to and borrowing books form the library.

Digital Library

The AVIT - Digital Library is a library in which collections are stored in digital format.

As opposed to print, microform or other media and accessible by computers, the digital content may be stored locally or accessed remotely via computer networks. A digital library is a type of information retrieval system.

Digital Resources E-Resource Membership Online Titles

Internet facility, Library Automation and Digital Library software are also available. All books have been BAR CODED for easy identification and access for the required books

Library Collections

The library is also equipped with educational audio and video cassettes, CD ROMs, back volumes, project reports, thesis reports, etc. Apart from the Central Library each department maintains a department library effectively. A number of text guides are available in the reference section (to equip oneself) for competitive exams like GATE, Civil Service Exam, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and the Defense Service Exam.

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

The library information can be accessed by the members through a customer friendly Audio Visual Section. The Audiovisual Section of the college library consists of audio cassettes, CD ROM diskettes and video cassettes. The library has a collection of the CD version of the Final Year UG/ PG student project reports so as to build a strong and effective audiovisual section. The AV Section has a 29 inch color television (Sony), a DVD player and 15 computer systems for effective and efficient utilization.

Personality Development Centre (PDC)

To strengthen the campus placement activity of BSACEC, the Central Library has established a Career Development Center (CDC) inside the library premises. Books and periodicals related to communication skills development and aptitude and attitude improvement, computer systems with multimedia facilities, educational audio and video cassettes/ CD-ROMs are made available in the Central Library.

Value Added Services

In order to meet the contemporary needs of the library user, the Central Library offers the following value added services;

Free Online Course Material: