About the Department

The Department of English was established in the year 1998. The department has been instrumental in enhancing the communication skills of the students from the first year. Presently there are six teaching staff and one lab assistant in the department. The department is being headed by Dr. A. Sudha. The department also has a language lab equipped to train students and staff through regular language hours and faculty development programs.


The English literary club- eng-cafe was inaugurated on 13/12/2007. Under this banner a number of activities are conducted every year to motivate the students to learn and use English. This club aims at building the students' self -confidence through literary competitions and enhancing their leadership skills, interpersonal skills and organisational skills by involving the eng-cafe office bearers and volunteers in organising the activities of eng-cafe. The club also regularly conducts seminars and lectures to improve the students' abilities in English. The success of this club is reflected in the success of students like Mr. Dharamjeet who won the 'Talk your way to Japan' and visited Japan. Eng- Cafe also invites prominent personalities in the field of English language to conduct workshops and seminars for the faculty of AVIT.


Expressions had its auspicious beginning in 2011. It is a program to showcase the talents of the cream of AVIT students. The department of English organizes and produces this program along with the students who have undergone Infosys Campus Connect Program Training. The invited and honoured guests are from Infosys. The students are given free rein to indulge their imagination and talents. Various slices of pie of this program involves Chart Corner where students exhibit their artistic expertise and highlight the various requirements of a professional; Project Corner where innovative projects of students are exhibited and demonstrated and Creative Waste, a place to capture the use of waste materials to create useful appliances. The finale of Expressions happens in the main auditorium where students present skits, documentaries, shot films and create music to pamper the senses. The second season of Expressions was in 2012 and garnered equal success and received much appreciation from the guests.

Training Division

The faculty of English department along with the Career development cell are involved in pre-placement training for the III year students and placement training for the IV year students. This training is part of the regular timetable so that students receive continuous training till they attend campus interview. Dr. A. Sudha, the head of the department with Dr. Rajitha. K and Jennifer G. Joseph have been part of this division from 2010. a series of tests are conducted during the classroom training. A two hour aptitude test in English is conducted every alternate week.

Moreover, an intensive training is conducted for the short listed students before the campus interview. The feedback from the students focused on the immense benefit of the in-house which has motivated the management to extend it to all.

Dr. A.Sudha, Dr. M.D.Jayabalan, Dr.Rajitha.K and Jennifer G Joseph have also been resource persons for CIE faculty development programs, offering their service to guides from Mahaballipuram and the faculty of AVIT. Dr. A. Sudha is also a core committee member of CIE

Faculty Development Program

The department of English along with Infosys Campus Connect team is organising a three day faculty enablement program from 6/7/2012 to 9/7/2012 in the AVIT campus. The focus of this program is to train the trainers to make the students industry ready.

Salient Features