Computer Science & Engineering

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was started in the year 1998. The department of Computer Science and Engineering strives to train students in Computer Science and Engineering as well as in the application of projects. The Department offers 2 undergraduate and one post graduate course. The broad areas include Computer Science and Engineering and Computer Science and Software Engineering. Laboratory experience is considered to be an important part of the Computer Science and Engineering programme. There are course-oriented laboratories where the students conduct experimental work leading to a better understanding of physical situations. The Department is also associated with professional bodies like the IEEE Computer Society, the Computer Society of India, the Association of Computer Engineers and the Free Open Source Club. The Department regularly organizes seminars, workshops and conferences through professional societies and clubs. The Department has well equipped laboratories with state of the art facilities. Internet with Wi-Fi connectivity of 20Mbps Bandwidth is provided round the clock. The Department has signed an MoU with, HP and Oracle. Apart from the above, the Department has more than 3 MoU agreements with leading industries and technical societies.


Highlights of the Department

Specializations Offered